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Seminal Ska-Punk Band Less Than Jake: "The Cockroaches of the Music Industry"

3 months ago by Howard Hardee
Though many of the ska-punk bands associated with skate/surf/punk subculture culture in the late 1990s and early 2000s have faded away, Less Than Jake is still here.

Where to Watch Copa America 2019 in Miami

10 days ago by Chelsea Olson
This month, soccer fans have plenty to cheer about with the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup. If those weren't enough, Copa América begins this Friday, June 14.

A Handful of Locals Keep Ska Alive

2 years ago by Abel Folgar
A new rebirth of ska has begun. "Ska is on its 76th wave, and people are starting to connect with it again," says Mick Rude, guitarist and vocalist for Spred the Dub. “Look at all the new Corona ads using Desmond Dekker to sell beer, the Specials on a Fidelity Investment commercial. It's coming back around, and with every show there's a few more people skankin’ than the last one.”

Yungblud on the Next Wave of Activists: "I Have So Much Faith in My Generation"

2 months ago by Deirdra Funcheon
“I want to talk about real shit.” Yungblud, AKA Dominic Harrison, explains what drove him, a Brit, to write a song called "Machine Gun (Fuck the NRA)." He's speaking to New Times by phone from Los Angeles in the most charming accent this side of Peppa Pig. “I want to...

The Best Star Wars Day Events in Miami

2 months ago by Jesse Scott
May the Force — and limited-release beer, themed roller derby, and cosplay — be with you this holiday.

The Best Concerts in Miami This Week

2 months ago by Celia Almeida
Judas Priest, Steve Aoki, Macy Gray, and more of the best concerts in Miami this week, April 29 through May 5.

The Five Best Concerts in Miami This Weekend

3 months ago by Liz Tracy
These are the five best concerts in Miami this weekend.

These Miami Musicians Moved On to Other Cities and Opportunities

3 months ago by Catherine Toruño
You've heard it from your friends in bands: "Bro, I need to get out of Miami." Perhaps they're thinking about the woes of constant low-paying/unpaid gigs or the weekend drone of hopping from Las Rosas to Gramps to Churchill's, or maybe they're just dreaming of taking their talents to a new place. Though most Miami musicians don't skip town, these local artists have moved on to pursue their passion elsewhere.

Reel Big Fish Entertains Both Ska and Beer Lovers

2 years ago by David Rolland
Reel Big Fish started off at the perfect time for a ska band. Just as groups like No Doubt and Sublime began dominating rock radio in the mid-'90s, the Southern California six-piece started gaining attention for horn-heavy, punk-influenced ska. Ska's popularity has ebbed and flowed over the decades...

Ska Is Dead 3

14 years ago by Michael Alan Goldberg
Earlier this year it was revealed that pre-Bravery, singer Sam Endicott had played in a ska band called Skabba the Hutt, and judging by the hit the New Waver's reputation took, only the discovery of former Klan membership or a pedophilia rap sheet would have been more damning. Granted, it...

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