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The Six Wildest Miami-Area Steroid Stories

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
It perhaps makes sense that one of America's combined capitals of drug imports and vapid, image-based capitalism is also arguably the nation's steroid epicenter. Despite 'roid scandals hitting the news wires about as frequently as Donald Trump hits up Kentucky Fried Chicken, Florida officials seem to have no real interest...

Leonard Cohen Contemplates Love, Death, and Other Old Ideas in Miami, March 20

7 years ago by S. Pajot
Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas Tour James L. Knight Center, Miami Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Now 78, Leonard Cohen almost certainly wouldn't be pounding the tour trail, if his finances were still flush. Circa 2004, though, fate intervened. (Or rather, a personal manager did, ripping him off to the tune of...

Los Miami Gang's Property-Flipping, Steroid-Using Leader Faces Jury Verdict Today

5 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Chances are good that Alvaro Lopez Tardon will be found guilty of money laundering today or tomorrow. If he is, there probably won't be anyone in the federal court room to shed a tear: Tardon's associates have all turned on him, including his wife. Here at Riptide, however, we will...

Biogenesis Just Hints at Florida's Anti-Aging Catastrophe

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Outside a $600,000 Coconut Grove condo, the pool glittered blue in the afternoon sunlight and tennis balls popped off a green asphalt court. Inside, a tornado hit. Sharon Cohen watched her heavily tattooed Spanish husband, Alvaro, slam his head over and over against a TV set. She'd recently filed for...

Los Miami gang nabbed in huge drug bust

8 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Los Miami gang nabbed in huge drug bust

Miami Book Fair International Announces Full 2012 Lineup: Bill O'Reilly, Molly Ringwald, James Patterson and More

7 years ago by Hannah Sentenac
Every fall, as eagerly as we await 75 degree temperatures and a break in our AC bills, Miami's bibliophiles anticipate the literary amusement park known as the Miami Book Fair International. And for all those bookworms champing at the bit, there's good news: the nearly 300-strong author attendee list has officially...

The Best of SXSW Music: Wednesday 3/14/2012

8 years ago by New Times staff
Nick RalloSharon Van Etten, at the NPR showcase, was a stunner. Plus, there was a box accordion​If you're familiar with chaos theory, which in its basic form is the attempt to find patterns in the random acts of shit on Earth, then you may understand the difficulty that comes with...

Top Ten Gambling Movies: Rounders, Cincinnati Kid, and More

10 years ago by Erik Maza
Americans love gambling movies almost as much as they love gambling itself. What's not to like? You get the thrill of a high-stakes cards game from the comfort of a multiplex. Over the last few years, though, something happened. The gambling movie was replaced by ESPN. Suddenly, with the broadcast...

Gray Matters

21 years ago by Robin Dougherty
When a play's title is The Adjustment, chances are the playwright will be suggesting a monumental shift in attitude or perspective on the part of one or more characters. In Michael T. Folie's new work, recently opened at the Florida Stage, tiny adjustments also occur. The play is set in...

Excess Hollywood

By our count, only a few sequels are waiting to have oil rubbed on their backs this summer -- one featuring an evil lord named Vader, another featuring an evil lord named Schneider -- so the season has that going for it, which is nice. But in lieu of sequels...

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