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Booze Hound - San Juan and Halo

11 years ago by Jose D. Duran
Julie Thomson Halo Lounge on Lincoln Road. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but last Friday Booze Hound was M.I.A. -- or more specifically, was in MIA, checking a $15 bag (damn you, American Airlines!), getting bumped up to first class (thank you, American Airlines!), receiving a 6 a.m. buzz courtesy of...

Mi Viejo San Juan: New Name, Old Problems

7 years ago by Zachary Fagenson
When the Mi Viejo San Juan, formerly known as Old San Juan Puerto Rican Restaurant, on Red Road just north of Coral Way reopened in August with a new name and under a new owner I wanted to try it, and I wanted to like it. The chef, Mr. Tutty,...

Old San Juan Restaurant is a Disservice to Puerto Rican Food

9 years ago by Ily Goyanes
​Japanese and Chinese food buffets are ubiquitous. Latin ones, though are practically nonexistent in Miami. Really. So when I heard that Old San Juan Restaurant had a lunch spread, of course I wanted to try it out.Old San Juan is a Puerto Rican restaurant. Or so it says. I have...

Old San Juan Puerto Rican Cuisine - Closed

The menu at this sophisticated, moderately priced family-style restaurant touts many favorites of the expatriated, and its old-world charm gives the impression it could be located in the middle of...
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The Summer Side Director Antonia San Juan on Sex in the Film Industry and Why Families Suck

6 years ago by Hans Morgenstern
Spanish director Antonia San Juan does not hold back her criticism of the oppressive, suffocating extended family. Not in her new film, The Summer Side (Del Otro Lado Del Verano), which screens at O Cinema Miami Shores tonight, nor in real life. The film, San Juan's second feature, follows an...

The Eight Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

16 days ago by Jesse Scott
Looking for the best things to do in Miami this weekend? Check out Riptide Music Festival, Borscht Film Festival, Marc Anthony, and more of the top events taking place.

Nu Deco Ensemble's Sam Hyken Joined Bad Bunny Onstage at the Latin Grammys

23 days ago by Celia Almeida
Thursday night, the Latin Grammy Awards celebrated two decades of recognizing Latin music's top talent. The 20th-annual award ceremony featured performances by Sech, Ozuna, and Rosalía, among many others, and paid tribute to Latin music titans including Celia Cruz, Juan Gabriel, and recently departed crooner José José. While Rosalía owned the...

When the Sky Fell Gives Voice to Puerto Ricans Two Years After Hurricane Maria

2 months ago by Alexandra Martinez
Michael Deibert's When the Sky Fell: Hurricane Maria and the United States traces the history of the US territory and what led up to the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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