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Miami Book Fair: Ruth Reichl

10 years ago by Lee Klein
Ruth Reichl comes to the Miami Book Fair International to plug a huge 1,000-plus recipe cookbook called Gourmet Today -- on the heels of the announcement that there would be no more Gourmet magazine tomorrow. That's sort of like Bernie Madoff going on a financial self-help book tour in the...

Ruth Reichl Talks New Novel at Books & Books

5 years ago by Cassie Glenn
Ruth Reichl has a r�sum� any food writer would envy. As a national bestselling author, restaurant critic for both the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, and editor-in-chief of Cond� Nast's former Gourmet magazine, she has made her mark in the culinary world. Now, she is dipping her toes...

Ruth Reichl on Tasting Menus, Women in the Kitchen

5 years ago by Zachary Fagenson
Former New York Times restaurant critic and Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl says although there's yet to be a female Daniel Boulud, there are more women than ever in kitchens...

Legendary Food Critic Ruth Reichl Hosts This Year's SOBEWFF Tribute Dinner

7 months ago by Laine Doss
Long before Yelp and Instagram made critiquing food into a global obsession, a handful of dedicated food writers chronicled restaurants and food trends. Ruth Reichl began writing about food in 1972 and amassed quite the resumé in her career. Restaurant critic for New West and California magazines, restaurant critic and...

Hang Out With Ruth Reichl, Michael Ruhlman, and Jonathan Gold in Key West

9 years ago by Trina Sargalski
Courtesy State Archives and Library of FloridaErnest Hemingway posing with sailfish in Key West.​Key West is known for its funkiness, natural beauty, and lovely winter weather. It's also been a popular spot over the decades for literary types, including Annie Dillard, Shel Silverstein, Wallace Stevens, Tennessee Williams, and, of course, Ernest Hemingway.Every January, Key...

Ruth Reichl on Food Criticism: "It’s Just an Opinion"

4 years ago by Valeria Nekhim Lease
When Gourmet magazine shuttered in 2009, its 62-year-old editor-in-chief, Ruth Reichl, says she went through a period of self-loathing. She blamed herself for the publication's demise and panicked over no longer having an income. That being said, the former New York Times and Los Angeles Times food critic sought solace...

Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Week: Golden Week, Ruth Reichl, and Sticky Toffee Pudding

4 years ago by Clarissa Buch
This is your last chance to indulge in steamed red snapper, braised Boston lobster, wok-fried ribeye beef, and a supreme dim sum platter at Hakkasan inside the Fontainebleau. Their Chinese feast prix-fixe menu, in honor of Golden Week, ends this week, so act fast. Slow Food Miami is back with the second Snail...

Former Gourmet Editor-in-Chief, Author Ruth Reichl Dishes on the Art of Recipe Testing at Miami Book Fair

10 years ago by Jackie Sayet
Last night was one of many funerals for a fallen hero taken before its time, Gourmet magazine. Ruth Reichl, its jilted guardian, gave a remarkably candid and emotional eulogy for her final book tour appearance.The remarkably (yet not surprisingly) composed former editor-in-chief addressed what she later tweeted as a "smart...

Ruth’s Got Issues

10 years ago by Amanda McCorquodale
For those of you who’ve been crying into your Le Creuset braisers ever since Gourmet stopped appearing in your mailbox, dry your eyes. Queen of the foodies, raven-coiffed ex-Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl is coming back to Miami. A four-time James Beard winner and former food critic at the Los Angeles...

Andrew Friedman Pulls the Curtain Back on the American Chef Revolution

10 months ago by Juliana Accioly
The setting is a Los Angeles nightclub, where chef Wolfgang Puck is slow dancing with a woman he just met. The young Austrian immigrant tells her cooking is what he does for a living, and the minute the tune is over, the woman is gone from his arms. The...

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