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Colin Kaepernick Backlash Is Really About Racism and Bigotry

3 years ago by Luther Campbell
For the past week, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has faced relentless criticism for refusing to stand during the singing of the National Anthem before games. He's protesting police brutality and oppression of African-Americans in this country. Kaepernick haters include college football analyst Paul Feinbaum, NFL commentator Rodney Harrison,...

Biogenesis Just Hints at Florida's Anti-Aging Catastrophe

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Outside a $600,000 Coconut Grove condo, the pool glittered blue in the afternoon sunlight and tennis balls popped off a green asphalt court. Inside, a tornado hit. Sharon Cohen watched her heavily tattooed Spanish husband, Alvaro, slam his head over and over against a TV set. She'd recently filed for...

The X Man Returns

15 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
Miami Commissioner Johnny Winton has trouble understanding how anyone can take Xavier Suarez seriously. "He brought this city to its knees!" Winton cries. "He is an absolute opportunist, not to mention an irrational and dangerous man!" From his downtown Miami business office, an incredulous Winton recalls that Suarez had journalists...


A Corrupt City, a Faltering Newspaper On Saturday, November 9, Miami made the front page of the New York Times for the corruption that marks our city like the wine stain on Gorbachev's forehead. (The article was titled "Corruption and Money Woes Divide and Anger Miamians.") This bashing -- you...

3-Day Weekend


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