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Former Marijuana Smuggler Robert Platshorn Pitches Pot to Seniors

2 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
Dressed in a white guayabera and loose-fitting grandpa jeans, Robert Platshorn walks onto a small stage set up in the clubhouse of Lakes of Delray, a 55-and-over condo development in Delray Beach. About 300 snow-haired residents sit on dining-room chairs on a midafternoon in early March. They've shown up to...

Robert Platshorn, Former Smuggler Turned Medical Marijuana Activist, Faces Return to Prison

9 years ago by Gus Garcia-Roberts
Robert Platshorn served thirty years in prison for smuggling pot into Florida. That's more than any other person has served for a marijuana offense in the United States. He'll turn 70 years old in November. But it now appears clear that he will never be free from the federal government...

Florida Is the Nation's Fastest-Growing Medical Marijuana Market

2 years ago by Carlos Miller
Despite ongoing efforts by the Florida Legislature to thwart the will of the people, Florida likely has the fastest-growing medical marijuana program in the nation. More than 213,000 people are enrolled, with 10,000-plus signing up every month. New York, by comparison, implemented its medical marijuana program 18 months...

The Insane History of Marijuana in Florida

3 years ago by Travis Cohen
Today, legal marijuana flourishes in fields and greenhouses from Homestead to Tallahassee. Every day, new cannabis clinics hang green neon crosses in their windows, while millions of dollars pour in from global investors looking to get into the Mary Jane business. Weed has finally gone legit in Florida. So it's...

Rakontur's Square Grouper Premieres on Showtime Tonight

9 years ago by Ciara LaVelle
Here's one more film to watch during your blissed-out smokefest tonight: Square Grouper, Miami media studio Rakontur's documentary offering an inside look into '70s pot smuggling in our fair city.The Billy Corben-directed movie makes its TV debut tonight on Showtime at 8 p.m., giving you another chance to revisit the...

Best of Miami 2012 Issue Is Live!

9 years ago by New Times staff
Want access to our Best Of picks from your smartphone? Download our free Best Of app for the iPhone or Android phone from the App Store or Google Play. Don't forget to check out the full Best of Miami® 2012 issue June 14 in newsstands.It's the afternoon you've been waiting...

Miami's Most Iconic Stoners

6 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
People thinks of Miami and drugs and they instantly think of cocaine, but the truth is the city's preferred illegal substance is marijuana. We just keep it on the down low a bit more. This isn't like Seattle or Portland where everyone who smokes pot instantly grows dreads and decides...

High Times

10 years ago by Chris Joseph
Whether chronicling the total badassness of the Miami Hurricanes’ football dominance during the ’80s in The U or exploring the highs (ahem) and lows of our city’s dubious marriage with cocaine trafficking in Cocaine Cowboys, filmmaker Billy Corben knows how to mine the depths of the Magic City’s rich and...
Best Of Winner

Best Local Boy Made Good

Robert Platshorn

After serving nearly three decades in federal prison for smuggling pot into Miami, Robert Platshorn would have been forgiven for spending the rest of his free days in quiet solitude. But the 69-year-old former leader of the Black Tuna Gang — which the DEA dubbed his '70s-era stoner collective of...

Black Tuna Pot Smuggler Gets Five Years In Prison After Three Decades On The Run

10 years ago by Tim Elfrink
One of the strangest chapters from Miami's pot-smuggling glory days came to an end in federal court today, when a judge sentenced Mark Steven Phillips -- a long-lost associate of the Black Tuna ring -- to five years in prison. Phillips fled during the gang's infamous 1979 trial and hid...

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