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Peru Peru

14 years ago by Lee Klein
When first told that NASA incorporates Peruvian foods into the inflight meals of American astronauts, I pictured bowls of ceviche floating gravity-free through a spaceship, and lime wedges trailing nearby in very slow motion, lazily bumping into free-tumbling tamalelike humitas. Upon snapping back from my reverie, the rationale became clear:...

Musician Carlo Barbacci Left Peru to Pursue His Miami Music Dreams

2 months ago by Catherine Toruño
Carlo Barbacci has always strayed off the beaten path. Born in Peru's capital of Lima, the musician and producer has made life decisions that have often pissed off his parents. At age 19, he toured with Los Rigbys — a Peruvian Beatles cover band that in 2014 won a competition to be named the best Beatles band in Latin America.

Pleasingly Peru

15 years ago by Lee Klein
For those who love to dine out, strolling along Giralda Avenue in Coral Gables is like being a kid again and traipsing through the aisles of a candy store -- a global one at that, with alluringly packaged delights from Spain (La Dorada), Italy (La Gastronomia), Vietnam (Miss Saigon), and...

Peru, the Remix

16 years ago by Pamela Robin Brandt
Of all the benefits Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro imagined might result from his midsixteenth-century destruction of Peru's great Inca empire, a culinary revolution producing what many chefs consider the most sophisticated cuisine of any South/Central American nation probably was not foremost in the sword-swinger's mind. Yet the cross-cultural criollo race,...

PeruFest USA 2019 Peruvian Food Festival

Saturday, November 23, 12:00PM @ Magic City Casino @ The Pavillion
Food and Drink

Mi Peru

Mi Peru is filled on any given day, for lunch or dinner, with the local Hispanic population, and the plates are piled high with traditional Peruvian fare. The dining room has the feel of a diner —...
Peruvian, Restaurants

Sabor a Peru to Expand in 2014

6 years ago by Dana De Greff
Six years ago, Peru native Edison Pinedo moved to Miami. Soon after that, he opened Sabor a Per�, an Edgewater restaurant that lured diners with its authentic Peruvian cuisine, warm atmosphere, and consistent quality. "We exist for our clients," says Pinedo. "We don't have any publicity; if we did we...

In Unity and Defiance, Miami Musicians Embrace the Spanish Language

1 month ago by Liz Tracy
Dorys Bello and Eli Oviedo of the Miami band Dracula grew up singing in Spanish before they could speak English. Bello's parents are Cuban immigrants, and Oviedo is from Honduras. Onstage, the two 34-year-olds (pictured above) harmonize side-by-side while Oviedo strums the guitar. His light eyes glimmer as he sings...

Here Are the Miami Spice 2019 Participating Restaurants UPDATED

2 months ago by Laine Doss
Miami Spice returns this August with prix-fixe deals at some of the area's finest restaurants for the reduced price of $23 for lunch and brunch and $39 for dinner (excluding tax and gratuities). Spice, which runs August 1 through September 30 and is returning for its 18th year, is designed...

Cheap Eats: Mi Peru

12 years ago by Elvis Ramirez
Elvis Ramirez Where: Mi Peru, 1760 Miami Gardens Drive, Aventura, (305) 940 9404. What $15 Gets You: A big plate of chaufa with meat and a drink. For those who lump Latin cuisine into a category consisting of rice, beans and some sort of meat, Mi Peru in Aventura is...

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