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Convicted Venezuelan Official's Palm Beach Estates Go Up for Auction

20 days ago by Manuel Madrid
When the history of Venezuela's ongoing collapse is finally written, entire chapters will be dedicated to the crooks. Swindlers, scoundrels, and sinvergüenzas of all stripes — protected by a wall of state-sanctioned corruption that allowed them to siphon billions of dollars out of the country into private bank accounts around the world.

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival Turns 19

12 days ago by Laine Doss
For nearly two decades, Lee Brian Schrager has put his heart and soul into throwing Miami Beach's biggest party. Reminded that the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF) will enter its 19th year this February, Schrager quips, "It's a long time. I was young back when it started."

Connecticut Architect Wants Lego to Reproduce His Miami Beach Art Deco Skyline Model

6 days ago by Luis Gomez
Architect Keith Olsen gave Miami Beach’s iconic art deco buildings the Lego treatment using over 1,000 plastic toy bricks. He wants Lego to mass-produce his model.

Jonas Brothers Will Headline NYE Show at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

13 days ago by Celia Almeida
The Jonas Brothers will ring in 2020 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

Boynton Beach Hopes to Encourage Growth With Its Brewery District

22 days ago by David Minsky
Boynton Beach's brewery district, like any special district defined by a particular characteristic, is bound together by its cluster of brewing companies. The city joins a tiny club of municipalities in South Florida that have such an amenity. North Miami Beach made one in 2018 to entice new or already...

The Best Concerts in Miami This Week

19 hours ago by Olivia McAuley
Juan Wauters, Brooke Candy, Banks more of the best concerts in Miami this week.

South Florida Brewers Collaborate on Beers to Help Bahamas Relief Efforts

14 hours ago by David Minsky
Craft breweries from West Palm Beach to Key West have teamed up to brew beers to help relief efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian in early September decimated some of the 700 islands in the archipelago nation.

Cocaine Overdose Therapy Is Being Tested to Treat Florida Sea Turtles

4 days ago by Jess Nelson
Sea turtles suffering from toxic red tide exposure could benefit from a therapy used to treat human drug overdoses

Why Are There So Few Haunted Houses in South Florida?

17 hours ago by Luis Gomez
There will be no House of Horror this Halloween season, which leaves a hole in South Florida's already lacking haunted house selection.

Video: Border Patrol Agents Detain Emergency Room Patient at Aventura Hospital

18 hours ago by Jessica Lipscomb
During a traffic stop yesterday, agents from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) detained an undocumented woman who was on her way home from a family outing at Haulover Beach. Almost immediately, the woman began to have a panic attack. The officers took her to Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, where she was treated by emergency-room doctors.

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