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Angel Has Fallen


Redford's A Walk in the Woods Hikes Into Theaters, Diminished

4 years ago by Stephanie Zacharek
A sense of humor will take you far in life, even along a daunting stretch of the Appalachian Trail. In his hugely popular 1998 book A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson chronicled his attempt to hike the full length of the trail, from Georgia to Maine, accompanied by an...

MMA flick Warrior holds the audience in an emotional arm bar

8 years ago by Nick Pinkerton
MMA flick Warrior holds the audience in an emotional arm bar

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13 years ago by Luke Y. Thompson
Gymnast Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz) is one of the best at what he does, and he has it all — perfect abs, a big bulge in his crotch, beautiful girlfriends, and the ability to balance full beer glasses on his feet. There's just one small problem: He has bad dreams...

Over the Hedge

13 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
It feels like I've already seen this movie four times, after witnessing the parade of commercials for junk Over the Hedge's characters are pimping. Perhaps it makes perfect sense: The entire movie is built on a scenario that involves the stealing and hoarding of junk food. A swindling raccoon named...

Sean Penn, Expert Buzz Killer, Kills Mickey Rourke Oscar Buzz

11 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Sean Penn bravely took time out of his busy schedule of giving back massages to Hugo Chavez (or as Robert De Niro put it, "respectfully advising world leaders"), and managed to kill all of our Mickey Rourke Oscar dreams while simultaneously reversing Proposition 8 in the process. Hooray Sean Penn,...

Celluloid City: 8MM Filmed at MIA and the Clevelander Hotel

9 years ago by Ily Goyanes
Cage passing a kidney stone - we mean acting.​​​Over the years, Miami has served as the backdrop for hundreds of Hollywood movies. In Celluloid City, we spotlight some of the classics shot right in our own backyard. During pre-production on 8MM, director Joel Shumacher (the man who ruined the Batman movie...

Prunk TV: Charlie Murphy Gets Stung, Rick Ross Does Film

10 years ago by Jason Handelsman
Ladies and gentlemen, Prunk TV has a helluva guest today. After the credits, watch some bonus footage of Charlie Murphy in Miami. He held out his hand and said, "I'm Charlie Murphy." I replied, "I'm Jason Handelsman." Directors, producers, actors, and publicists questioned my presence on this Queen Latifah movie set. "No...

In Hateship Loveship, Kristen Wiig Dials It Way Back

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Watching Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, you maybe sometimes wondered if she was from outer space, perhaps some planet where women have big foreheads and tiny hands and sing like chickens on helium. As sheltered housekeeper Johanna in Liza Johnson's proudly frustrating Hateship Loveship — a pun on the...

In The Company You Keep, Robert Redford and Co. Face the '60s in their 70s

6 years ago by Michael Atkinson
In The Company You Keep, Robert Redford and Co. Face the '60s in their 70s

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