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Miami-Dade NAACP: It's "Downright Disturbing" That Miami Cop Claims He's Black

2 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
The Miami-Dade NAACP wrote on Instagram that it was baffled and outraged by Ortiz's comments.

New Dream Defenders Campaign Works to End Cash Bail System in Miami

6 hours ago by Niki Franco
The campaign is particularly focused on the race for Miami-Dade State Attorney this November.

Miami Cop Javier Ortiz Suspended With Pay After Claiming He's Black

23 hours ago by Jerry Iannelli
Days after claiming he was a black man at a Miami City Commission meeting, Capt. Javier Ortiz was suspended with pay from the Miami Police Department.

The Ten Best Casinos in South Florida

2 days ago by Luis Gomez
Which casinos offer live-action blackjack? Horseracing? Jai alai? Here's our look at the ten best casinos in South Florida.

After Fatalities, Can Gulfstream Park Lead Horse Racing Back to Firmer Footing?

2 days ago by Mike Seely
The press leaped on the Santa Anita story — and in the process brought the sport's stubbornly devil-may-care establishment to its knees.

Rundle Challenger Wants to End Cash Bail and Hold Cops Accountable

10 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
Pearson has stated repeatedly she wants to scale back many of the harsh prosecutorial tactics left over from the drug-war era.

Miami Now One of the Worst Places in the U.S. for Asylum Seekers

17 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Trump and his appointees have gleefully dismantled the U.S. asylum system.

Five Reasons Florida's New Anti-Sanctuary Bill Is Racist Nonsense

7 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Friday, June 14, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the state's deeply controversial anti-"sanctuary city" bill, SB 168, into law. He did so in the blood-red Florida Panhandle, and there were so many fans who showed up that DeSantis reportedly had to find a larger venue.

New Bill Would Undo Ban on Sanctuary Cities, Forbid Detention Based on Immigration Status

4 months ago by Manuel Madrid
The battle over Florida's controversial ban on sanctuary cities doesn't look like it will be settled anytime soon. As state lawmakers return to Tallahassee this week to jockey over priorities for the 2020 legislative session in January, Hialeah Rep. Cindy Polo is taking square aim at the contentious anti-sanctuary law, which was forced through by Republican lawmakers in May at the behest of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Occupy Protester Arrested Eight Years Later on Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship

1 month ago by David Minsky
Jones was arrested as he tried to board a cruise ship with his family.

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