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Five Reasons Miami Is Now Undoubtedly a Basketball Town

20 days ago by Ryan Yousefi
It's time to call it: Miami is a basketball town. No ifs, ands, or buts about it — it's clear the Miami Heat is the darling of the Dade County sports world.

National Association of Black Journalists Should Help Create African-American News Network

3 months ago by Luther Campbell
Over the next four days, black journalists, media executives, and celebrities are taking over for the annual National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair. The main topic of discussion should be about establishing our own news network that shows African-Americans who keep it real and tell the whole truth about the systemic racism that continues oppressing people of color.

Miami Basketball Fans Are the Most Engaged in the Nation

5 months ago by Ryan Yousefi
Not too long ago, this was peak-activity time for basketball in Miami. The Heat made the NBA Finals four straight seasons between 2011 and 2014, meaning things reached maximum playoff-white hotness on Biscayne Boulevard right about now. These days, things have died down a tad. Dwyane Wade has retired and the...

Five Reasons Why Miami Drivers Are the Absolute Worst

2 days ago by Jess Nelson
Miamians have their own version of the DMV handbook. Between the speeding, hit-and-runs, honking, and lack of turn signals, driving in Miami-Dade County should come with a warning sign.

The Five Best Concerts in Miami This Weekend

11 days ago by Liz Tracy
These are the five best concerts in Miami October 11 through 13.

A Hundred Years Ago, Miami's Bootleggers Thrived During Prohibition

22 days ago by Casey Piket
For its 123-year history, Miami's economy has centered around tourism. Whether hosting massive EDM concerts in its most prominent park or allowing raucous nightclubs to stay open all hours of the night, city leaders have long believed in giving the tourists what they want.

Florida Cities Would Need Governor's Permission to Resettle Refugees Under New Trump Order

21 days ago by Manuel Madrid
As the United States moves closer to admitting record low levels of refugees, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez says the county is ready to resettle additional people. But that might not be up to him anymore.

South Florida's Five Best Coffee Shops for Single-Origin and Pour-Over Coffee

24 days ago by Jesse Scott
Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a novice who wants to experience a genuine coffee “wow" moment for the first time, here are five spots that will always serve you a memorable cup in South Florida.

Four Reasons Miami-Dade Should Accept BangBros' $10 Million Arena Naming-Rights Offer

1 month ago by Ryan Yousefi
Since 1997, American Airlines has had naming rights of the arena where the Miami Heat plays basketball — a deal that has paid the airline back many times over as its name has been in front of thousands of cameras at Heat games for more than two decades. Come this time next year, though, naming rights could switch to a company that specializes in people getting laid on camera.

A Miami-Based Jail Health-Care Company Profits While Patients Die

1 month ago by Brittany Shammas
The voice on the other end of the line sounded so thin, so frail, that at first Erika Williams didn't recognize it as her son's. It was only by the ten digits glowing on her iPhone — the number for the Flagler County jail — that she realized who was calling her February 4, 2019, a balmy Monday in North Florida.

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