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Miami Tech Guru Under Fire After Stanford University Says It Has Never Heard of Him

4 years ago by Tim Elfrink
As far as tech guru origin stories go, Alberto Chang-Rajii’s is as good as they get. As a humble, Chilean-born student at Stanford University in the mid-90s, Chang-Rajii has told audiences and journalists from Miami to Sydney, he met fellow students Sergey Brin and Larry Page just as they were...

Crash Course: 411-PAIN network will line their pockets with your insurance money

10 years ago by Lisa Rab
Ganesh Sohan is built like a jockey, so thin, he's almost concave, with a shaved head and delicate features that belie the punishment his body has endured. Four years ago, he served in a U.S. Army infantry unit in Iraq, where he survived an IED attack on his Humvee unscathed...


17 years ago by Mosi Reeves
It was on an early March morning last year when I fell out of bed, threw on some clothes, and sweatily stumbled down the several blocks or so that took me from the apartment where I was staying with two friends to an imperious-looking hotel on Washington Avenue in South...

The Hard Fall

17 years ago by Tristram Korten
In 1818 the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley published "Ozymandias of Egypt," which describes how a traveler in the desert stumbles upon the enormous, broken statue of a great king. "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone" stand next to a "shatter'd visage," Shelley writes. "And on the pedestal these...

Pain & Gain, Part 2

21 years ago by Pete Collins
UPDATE: In 2013, director Michael Bay released an adaptation of this three-part series. That same year, New Times revisited Pain & Gain and tracked down what's become of the Sun Gym Gang two decades later. Miami businessman Marc Schiller disappeared from his Schlotzsky's Deli franchise in mid-November 1994. A month...

Freedom Fighters

24 years ago by Kathy Glasgow
What was perhaps the biggest disappointment in all of Diobelys Hurtado's 24 years came in the spring of 1992, when the coach of Cuba's powerhouse national boxing team told him he wouldn't be going to Barcelona to compete in the Olympics. Though the elusive right-hander with the surprising left hook...

If You Sink It, They Will Come

25 years ago by Sean Rowe
Tuesday, April 25, 1995, was a good day for long-boarders and a bad one for Portuguese man-o'-war. Throughout the morning the surf near the Government Cut jetty came thundering in from the east, mean and green. Surfers in wet suits showed up on Miami Beach at sunrise to pick their...

Meet the New Sheriff

30 years ago by Greg Baker
Gloria Leonard, Al Goldstein's friend and colleague, is on the phone from New York City. "Victims again?" Goldstein says to the former pornographic-movie star and publisher of High Society magazine. "It was a setup. You can't win, Gloria." It seems Leonard had been invited to appear on Geraldo to discuss...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.