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Five Moments in Miami's LGBTQ History, From 1937 to 2015

1 year ago by Brittany Shammas
At the 1972 Democratic National Convention, a woman named Madeline Davis called for something new: The party, she said, should include gay rights in its platform. Davis, the first out lesbian delegate at a major party convention, declared that gay people were "here to put an end to our fears."...

A Brief History of South Florida Cops Harassing LGBTQ+ People

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
Hollywood Police have now raided the same adult store twice in a single year. This past Thursday, Hollywood cops arrested 13 men for masturbating and having consensual oral sex in a secluded, private room — hardly the sort of police work that makes locals safer. Thanks to Hollywood PD, 13 men will likely be harassed or retaliated against by their families or employers simply for consensually enjoying themselves at a gay-cruising destination.

Policing the Police

24 years ago by Elise Ackerman
Depending on one's point of view, Alan Smith had the lousy luck to be standing ahead of Det. Frank Irvine at the Convenient Spot convenience store in North Miami on April 14, 1994. Or perhaps the misfortune was all Detective Irvine's. The chance encounter would cost the emotionally disturbed, 25-year-old...

How One Famed Hollywood Restaurant Became the National Center for the Mob

3 years ago by Matthew Pearl
Late one Tuesday night, a heavyset man in a worn-out sport coat lumbered out of a sprawling restaurant on Hollywood Beach to his parking spot, the one closest to the building. His basset hounds, Amos and Tillie, tagged along. Even at 78 years old, Joe Sonken was usually the first...

Black Resistance in Florida, From the Underground Railroad to the "Quiet Riot"

3 years ago by Maria de Los Angeles
On August 11, 2017, a group of white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the scheduled removal of a statue of Confederate icon Gen. Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park. With tension mounting in the city, the so-called Unite the Right rally turned violent the following day, when heated clashes erupted...

Miami Vice: 30 Years of Crockett, Tubbs, and Pastels

6 years ago by Shelly Davidov
#72929692 / On September 16, 1984, two dreamy gelled-up cops came to our rescue. Detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, members of Metro-Dade Police vice squad, vowed to rid Miami of its criminal ills, taking on pimps, cokeheads, and mob bosses with bad ass moves and bad pastel suits...

The Most Famous Serial Killers in Miami History

3 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
So, uh, bodies might be buried in the backyard of a historic pump house on Miami's Upper Eastside. The building, which was built in the 1920s, at one time was the home of serial killer Robert Bowman, and a New Times feature story published this week details that when cops were questioning Bowman in 1982 over the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl from Ohio, Bowman said he had killed someone else and buried the body behind the pump house.

Spectacular Scandals Have Plagued Miami Beach Police For a Century

5 years ago by Bill Cooke
It's been a rough month for the Miami Beach Police Department. First came video of a detective punching a handcuffed woman in the face, followed closely by a press conference announcing that more than a dozen officers had sent or received boatloads of racist and pornographic emails. But don't be...

Ted Vernon Stars in South Beach Classics Despite Decades of Violent Abuse Claims

3 years ago by Jessica Lipscomb
The first punch came without warning, but once it landed, she knew what was next. Petrified, Robin Ziel ran toward the door. With one hand, she fumbled with the knob; with the other, she tried to dial 911. As she sprinted out into the driveway, her husband, a former boxer,...

Did Murderer Robert Bowman Bury Bodies Beneath the Morningside Pump House?

3 years ago by Terence Cantarella
The cops were intrigued by Margie Bowman's story, but she wasn't the first woman to claim that her husband had killed Eileen Adams.

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