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The Cult of Lloyd Irvin

6 years ago by Jake Rossen
They'll tell you they weren't scared. They were just sick of the stories, sick of the escalating pressure, sick of the dark cloud that hung over the school and seemed to be growing by the day. But calm and collected people don't abruptly pack their belongings and hitch rides to...

Miami Jewish Film Festival and Miami Beach Cinematheque Present Classic Hollywood Musicals

3 years ago by Juan Antonio Barquin
The exciting partnership between the Miami Jewish Film Festival and Miami Beach Cinematheque continues, with the Masters of Jewish Cinema series hitting its fourth year. After covering Billy Wilder, Sidney Lumet, Louis Malle, Charlie Chaplin, and Francois Truffaut, the pair will bring a retrospective of classic Hollywood musicals to...

The Ten Most Endangered Places in Miami

3 years ago by Hannah Sentenac
Miami is a city with some serious issues. Sure, there's the looming threat of sea level rise due to climate change (sorry, Rick Scott, it's a fact), but that's just one piece of the key lime pie. South Florida has more than a few environmental, political, and financial woes.  And,...

III Points 2014's Activation Schedule

5 years ago by Kat Bein
The hour of III Points is almost upon us. Soon, Wynwood will be a mass of hipsters, artists, thinkers, musicians, geeks, freaks, and confused passerby. The whole 'hood will come alive with discussion, live drawing, video games, bleepy-bloops, and the best looks we've been hiding in our closets until this...

Let's Get Luxe

9 years ago by Amanda McCorquodale
If Miami were Olympus, luxury hotels would be our Titans. These gigantes rule 305 culture, and enjoying their amenities is like taking an elevator to the top floor of Miami’s social ladder. But even higher are the architects behind them, such as Schultze & Weaver, which famously designed New York’s...

Eastwood's Jersey Boys Walk Like Jersey Men

5 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
If you think summer movies are clamorous, try a current Broadway musical. Watching Jersey Boys onstage is like soldiering through some extreme-eating contest where you're force-fed dessert for three hours. It's all falsetto heroics and hustled-through character drama, every beat of every scene overscored, overrehearsed, and overbearing. And it's often...

Rell the Soundbender "Ain't Coming Down," Gettin' High at EVE Miami on February 8

7 years ago by S. Pajot
Who is Rell the Soundbender? Ask the man himself and the answer's gonna be something like "I'm an NBA junkie, nerd, and part-time superhero." But homie's also a DJ-producer with Panamanian roots who was born in Virginia and ran the streets in the FLA. Since 2004, he's been doin' work...

I-4 Corridor Predicts Florida for Romney

7 years ago by Victor Gonzalez
I-4 Corridor Predicts Florida for Romney

Murder, Myspace, Babysitters, Betrayal: The Best True Crime Stories of 2007

12 years ago by Tovin Lapan
They are the modern versions of monster stories. True Crime writers seek out such tales every day, finding them in two sentence-long police blotter blurbs, law enforcement sources lamenting the one that got away, or victims looking for justice. They pile on hours of research and interviews, building a case...

They Built This City

13 years ago by Lyssa Oberkreser
The view of our skyline full of cranes and skeletal structures dotted with sweaty construction workers is as commonplace as the soaring buzzards around downtown Miami. But we are not here to salute hardhat-clad men and women, teetering on scaffolding 100 feet in the air. No, this month is about...

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