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Despite What Trump Says, Most Immigrant Families Show Up for Court, Report Shows

35 minutes ago by Manuel Madrid
A new report challenges the Trump administration's narrative that migrant families aren't showing up to court.

Pairings Serves Authentic Spanish Fare in Downtown Miami

2 days ago by Juliana Accioly
South Florida fans of rich Spanish cuisine no longer have to travel to Europe to satisfy their cravings. In downtown Miami, Pairings by Tomas Cuadrado is beginning to attract a regular crowd of serious eaters looking to experience the Iberian country's varied gastronomy.

New Senate Bill Could Eliminate Tax Breaks for Private-Prison Giant GEO Group

1 day ago by Manuel Madrid
The Trump era has been a gold rush for those in the business of locking up immigrants, none more so than the Boca Raton-based GEO Group. Boasting almost $500 million in contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the private-prison firm has made a pretty penny from the new war on immigrants...

The 11 Types of People You'll See at the Democratic Debates in Miami

2 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
June 26 and 27, a whopping 20 Democratic candidates for president will take the stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts just north of downtown Miami in the first debates of the 2020 election cycle. They will bicker, slam Donald Trump, and almost certainly embarrass themselves by...

Here’s What Venezuela’s New 50,000 Bolívar Bill Will Buy You in Miami

6 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Despite its many zeros, Venezuela's new 50,000-bolívar won't go far.

Miami Beach’s Historic Pine Tree Drive to Lose Many of Its Landmark Pines

7 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Century-old Australian pines occupying the median on Miami Beach's landmark Pine Tree Drive will be pruned this month, in the interest of public safety.

Convicted Venezuelan Official's Palm Beach Home Sells for $11 Million at Auction

7 days ago by Manuel Madrid
On May 30, a Palm Beach home forfeited by convicted money launderer and former national treasurer of Venezuela Alejandro Andrade was quietly auctioned off by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The home was purchased by Matthew Womble, cofounder of the Connecticut-based investment management firm EverWatch Capital.

Our Kids to Undergo Mass Layoffs After Losing $500 Million Foster-Care Contract

15 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Failing to retain its state contract for South Florida’s foster-care services, the Miami-based nonprofit Our Kids will lay off its entire staff — most of whom will find work with new provider Citrus Health.

ICE Detainee Says He Was Stripped Naked, Straitjacketed, and Locked in Solitary

14 days ago by Manuel Madrid
“It’s like a modern-day concentration camp.” ICE detainee Karamjit Singh says his time in Glade County Detention Center has brought him to the verge of suicide.

Madrid: Foodie Heaven and Jamón Mecca

5 years ago by Dana De Greff
Madrid is a foodie heaven. You see it in the markets that offer row after row of fresh produce, and the tapas stacked on caf� countertops, beckoning passersby in with the thrill of bite-sized pleasures. Pages could be written of the tapas in Spain; hell, pages could be written on...

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