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Michelle Bernstein and Julio Cabrera Reunite at Calle Ocho's Cafe La Trova

8 months ago by Zachary Fagenson
Consider the daiquiri. Ask someone on the street to define it and they'll likely describe a frozen abomination spiked with some kind of strawberry concoction festooned with little umbrellas and served on cruise ships. But a good bartender, especially a Cuban bartender, knows better.

Miami's Eight Best Fall Dinner Deals

2 months ago by Juliana Accioly
It's fall, which means a new season to explore Miami's restaurant scene. Dining out doesn't have to break the bank, though. Many restaurants are offering dinner deals, and some spots have extended their Miami Spice specials in the hopes of attracting locals before the season kicks into high gear.

Best of Miami 2019: The Best Restaurants in Miami by Neighborhood

6 months ago by Laine Doss
The best restaurants of 2019 in Miami.

The Best Things to Do During Pride Month in Miami

6 months ago by Dana De Greff
It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in New York, ushering in a wave of protests, activists, and social changes long overdue for LGBTQIA+ folks in the United States.

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Week

7 months ago by Jesse Scott
Thursday We don't see too many black bears around these parts. But Blackbear is headed to Miami for a show, and he probably won't growl at you or eat your trash. This Blackbear was born in Daytona, is a producing extraordinaire, and has worked with the likes of Justin Bieber,...

Guide to Free Miami Music Week 2019 Parties

9 months ago by Falyn Freyman
Every year, Miami Music Week boasts an unfathomable number of pool parties, warehouse raves, and all-night club showcases promising a utopia of beats and beautiful people — for a price. But everyone loves a free party, and just like previous editions, Miami Music Week 2019 brings a fresh batch of bashes...

The Best Concerts in Miami This Week

9 months ago by Celia Almeida
Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival, and more of the best concerts in Miami this week, March 25 through 31.

These Florida Lawmakers Fought Gun-Safety Laws in the Year After Parkland

10 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In the 12 months since 17 kids and teachers were slaughtered, mass-shootings have obviously not stopped, and it is still remarkably easy to obtain a gun in Florida. Numerous news outlets — including the New York...

The Best Concerts in Miami This Week

1 year ago by Celia Almeida
Art Basel shows, Ultra Naté, G-Eazy, and more of the best concerts in Miami this week, December 2 through 9.

Percussionist Miguel Cruz and Little Havana Rise Again

2 years ago by Mike Clary
By day, they arrive on red double-deckers and luxury coaches, tourists from Tokyo, Toronto, and Teaneck who hit the streets of Little Havana hungry for a taste of Cuban Miami. Poking their heads into the shops and cafés on Calle Ocho, they linger for a cafecito, buy a cigar or...

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