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Farewell, Joel Hello, Marvin

24 years ago by Jim Mullin
A few years ago in these pages I described Joel Cheatwood as "the evil genius behind Channel 7's lurid news style." The occasion was the release of a Hurricane Andrew documentary Cheatwood and WSVN-TV produced that was about as melodramatic, self-absorbed, and manipulative as you might have expected -- just...


MARC SCHILLERThe Miami businessman had barely escaped with his life. His health was ruined and his assets were gone. His kidnappers owned everything, even his home. But he had names and a paper trail. Why would no one believe him? DANIEL LUGOThe Sun Gym manager liked Schiller's big house. And...

The Ultimate Nasty Neighbor

16 years ago by Forrest Norman
Miami's skyline is spiked with construction cranes. Drive down Biscayne Boulevard south from the Julia Tuttle Causeway and that's what you see -- that and small armies of orange-vested construction workers cutting across the roadway or stopping traffic so cement trucks can back into the busy boulevard. For the average...

Pain & Gain, Part 2

21 years ago by Pete Collins
UPDATE: In 2013, director Michael Bay released an adaptation of this three-part series. That same year, New Times revisited Pain & Gain and tracked down what's become of the Sun Gym Gang two decades later. Miami businessman Marc Schiller disappeared from his Schlotzsky's Deli franchise in mid-November 1994. A month...


18 years ago by Kirk Nielsen
The police practice of blowing away suspects is under heightened scrutiny in the city where cronies often rule and the dead sometimes vote. Two weeks ago the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Guy Lewis, announced that federal investigators have begun a lengthy review of the Miami Police...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.