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Biogenesis Just Hints at Florida's Anti-Aging Catastrophe

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Outside a $600,000 Coconut Grove condo, the pool glittered blue in the afternoon sunlight and tennis balls popped off a green asphalt court. Inside, a tornado hit. Sharon Cohen watched her heavily tattooed Spanish husband, Alvaro, slam his head over and over against a TV set. She'd recently filed for...

Florida Marlins Not First Baseball Players To Be Spooked By Ghosts At St. Petersburg's Vinoy Hotel

8 years ago by Gus Garcia-Roberts
We like the idea that, in his final hours as the Florida Marlins manager, Edwin Rodriguez spent his time comforting relief pitchers who were terrified of ghosts. It'd be fitting for one of the youngest teams in baseball...

Field of Schemes

12 years ago by Michael J. Mooney
Grass doesn't get any greener than on the fields of Major League Baseball spring training, when vivacious, young hopefuls play catch with millionaire all-stars. That was the scene on a February morning at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, where the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals limbered up for the...

We All Scream for Gay Theme

17 years ago by Ronald Mangravite
I know. Life is a struggle sometimes: You're faced with traffic gridlock, work overload, relationship limbo. But cheer up, at least you're not Baby Doll Gibbons. Not only is her on-again, off-again romance off again, her roommates are furious that she trashed their apartment in a fit of jealous pique...

Gorilla Warfare

27 years ago by Kathy Glasgow
The big jet from Frankfurt, Germany, dropped gently through vaporous clouds to the runway at Miami International Airport, and Kurt Schafer's heart raced for a few seconds as he wondered, again, if the threats had been serious. Somebody was going to pocket $10,000 for shooting him as he disembarked; at...

South Seas Adventure


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