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Crime in Opa-locka Is Up 403 Percent This Year, Report Says

7 months ago by Jessica Lipscomb
Conditions at the Opa-locka Police Department are so bad the city can barely keep its officers employed. After a debilitating citywide budget cut of 20 percent, ten police positions were eliminated and every officer on the payroll took a 10 percent salary reduction. As the Miami Herald reported in September, some cops are wearing ripped uniforms and driving donated cars with over 100,000 miles on them. The police headquarters building is so rife with leaks and mold that officers have moved their operations to City Hall.

Opa-locka Cop Claims He Had a Heart Attack Because Black Officer Was Promoted Over Him

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
Is it possible to be so angry about racial politics in the workplace that you give yourself a heart attack? A lawsuit filed this week makes that case: Opa-locka Police Officer Alexander Hernandez, a self-described "white Hispanic" male, claims he was so upset upon hearing that a "black American" officer was being promoted to major over him that the news quite literally gave him a heart attack.

Cordoba Courts in Opa-locka Criticized as a Slum

10 months ago by Molly Minta
On a Saturday morning in 2013, Shalonda Rivers woke up early, ate a breakfast of microwaved oatmeal, and put a mop to her linoleum floor. It was the first step in her weekend cleaning routine, an ongoing battle against grime, pests, and mold that began when she moved into the...

Opa-locka's New City Manager Avoided State Oversight to Pay Himself, Whistleblower Says

2 years ago by Tim Elfrink
In the middle of a decaying central square of closed junk stores and shuttered barbershops, Opa-locka’s gleaming, $8 million Town Center was eerily empty Wednesday morning. That’s because every elected official in town was huddled in a room with Florida Inspector General Eric Miller, the man tasked with unraveling...

Hate Never Pays

11 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Focus on the Family spent millions battling gay marriage this election cycle, and is believed to be the single biggest donor to Amendment 2 sponsors Florida4Marraige (Homophobe in Chief John Stemberger was awarded the "Family Champion Award" by the group, and has close ties to leader James Dobson). They also...

Obama Names Latino to Cabinet. Sit Down, Manny, It's Not You

11 years ago by Tim Elfrink
After weeks of throwing a cabinet seat at any former Clinton administration official with a heartbeat, Prez-to-be Obama today finally got around to appointing a Hispanic to his top circle of advisers.Riptide knows a lot of you have been lying awake at night, feverishly imagining the nightmare scenario that Miami might lose...

Chick-fil-A Unveils Biscuits & Bigotry

9 years ago by Lee Klein
Executives at Chick-fil-A had these days circled on their calendars long ago: It was to be Spicy Chicken Biscuit Premiere Week, a public-relations-sparked rollout of the company's most exciting offering since last year's Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Then on Tuesday, Good As You broke the news that the chicken chain is...

Christian Group Uglies Up Lesbian Moms

9 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Melanie Leon and Vanessa Alenier, the South Florida lesbian couple who last month won a court case to adopt a child despite Florida's gay adoption ban, apparently weren't sufficiently ugly for the Florida Family Policy Council's propaganda purposes. So in an email blast to its members decrying the decision, the group...

Tim Tebow Starring in Super Bowl Ad for Anti-Gay, Radical Christian Right Group

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Tim Tebow may never have another chance to be associated with a Super Bowl, but why is he recording an ad  for Focus on the Family? Yes, the James Dobson founded group announced today that they will air a 30 second commercial during the big game that will start former...

Architects of Gay Marriage Ban Need Money to Defend Florida from Evils of Jon & Kate

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Once apon a time, Jon & Kate Gosselin were folk heroes in the pro-life movement for refusing to selectively reduce a few embryos after Kate's in vitro fertilization resulted in six fertilized eggs. Instead, they chose to take their chances with having sextuplets, which they promptly exploited on national television for fame, fortune, and the right...

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