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Kendall's Pisco y Nazca Shows Promise

4 years ago by Zachary Fagenson
No one in Miami makes tacu tacu like Miguel Gómez. The Iquitos-born chef stews lima beans in a brew of ají amarillo, cumin, and oregano fortified with chicken stock. Once tender, the legumes are mashed into a paste that smarts from the pepper's citrusy sting. Slender grains of fragrant basmati...

Doral Japanese-Peruvian Gem Tira.D.Toss Hides in Plain Sight

5 years ago by Zachary Fagenson
Take a pull of chicha morada -- a sweet, bluish drink made with Peruvian purple corn, pineapple, and orange accented by the spicy aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Nibble an anticucho of a half-dozen juicy, glistening chunks of beef heart seasoned with little more than garlic, salt, and a good...

Jungle Drug Ayahuasca Could Revolutionize Psychotherapy

6 years ago by Olivia LaVecchia
Tracy James knew the drug she'd just swallowed was working when her old injuries from high school started twitching with new life. Pressure throbbed from a forgotten busted knee. Her ankle tingled. The fingers she'd sprained roller-skating decades back began to ache. Whatever the 37-year-old had just taken, it shot...

A strange brew and deep pockets help artist John Brevard travel a million years B.C.

10 years ago by Carlos Suarez De Jesus
A strange brew and deep pockets help artist John Brevard travel a million years B.C.

Bread Winner

21 years ago by Jen Karetnick
The strangest item I ate in the Peruvian Amazon river basin, where I once spent a week, was not the piranha we'd caught in a tributary off the main river and then deep fried. It was not the capybara, a tailless rodent that can grow to four feet in length,...

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