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For International Noise Conference's 16th Year, the Only Constant Is Change

2 months ago by David Bennett
The International Noise Conference (INC) has become a monumental staple in Miami. The annual fest, which boasts acts from all over the globe doing exactly the opposite of what most people might expect from a live show, draws motley crowds from every corner of South Florida to Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti...

Jeb Bush's Political Committee Hit With Massive Fine for Accepting Illegal Donations

10 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
Throughout the 2016 Republican presidential primary, former Florida governor and current Miami businessman Jeb Bush was painted as the sensible, reasonable, and less transparently corrupt GOP alternative to Donald Trump. But it turns out that folks tied to Bush also apparently enjoy bouts of law-breaking...

The Five Best Concerts in Miami This Weekend

1 month ago by Liz Tracy
These are the five best concerts in Miami this weekend.

Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo Sent $12,000 in Campaign Funds to Sister-in-Law's Company

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
In May 2018, a Miami woman named Marlene Garcia filed state paperwork to create Peacock Consultants, Inc. Since then, the company hasn't produced any sort of website or presence on social media. Garcia did not respond to a message sent on social media, so it's difficult to determine the firm's area of expertise.

Despite Ban, Florida Democrats Still Indirectly Accepting Private-Prison Money

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Last year, a group of progressive activists convinced the Florida Democratic Party to stop accepting campaign donations from private, for-profit prison companies. The industry, which makes billions by keeping other human beings behind bars, immorally incentivizes cities to needlessly lock people up, many activists agree. One of America's two largest...

Here's a List of Companies Making Money From Miami's Child-Migrant Detention Camp

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
One of the less reported aspects of the United States deportation system is its profitability. Private, for-profit companies and contractors are paid billions of dollars to carry out the Trump administration's will. In short: People are getting rich by keeping immigrant kids behind bars.

Anything Goes at the International Noise Conference at Churchill's Pub

1 year ago by David Bennett
If you’ve felt a slight ringing in your ears the past few days, it’s because a certain clamorous time of year is upon us. The International Noise Conference (INC) will descend upon Churchill’s Pub for several nights of end-to-end insanity February 6 through 10. Think shrill feedback, outré performance art, weird fluids, and maybe even some melodies.

Homestead Tree Farmer Manuel Diaz Influenced Rick Scott's Decision to Waste Millions of Taxpayer Dollars

7 months ago by Chuck Strouse
Thousands of palm trees along Florida's highways are dying or need to be moved, a Tampa TV station has reported. Now the ABC Action News I-Team is suggesting Gov. Rick Scott's politics are part of the problem.

Scott Gave Tax Deal to Company Running Miami's Child-Migrant Center After Fraud Settlement

9 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
In Homestead, a federal compound housing as many as 1,000 migrant children is managed in part by a federal contractor based in Cape Canaveral called Comprehensive Health Services, which has held a contract at the Homestead camp since February 2018. Sen. Bill Nelson says 94 children at Comprehensive Health's facility have been taken from their parents by U.S. immigration agents.

New Times Investigation: Drug Traffickers Are Buying Up Planes in South Florida

12 months ago by Penn Bullock
With fighter jets on its tail, a Cessna nine-seater streaked through the air over Las Marías, a tiny hamlet with unpaved roads and a single airstrip tucked deep in the Honduran jungle. The plane dipped and then came in for a landing. Government troops, who had been alerted not long...

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