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Hector Pesquera, Port of Miami Security Director, Named Puerto Rico's Chief of Police

8 years ago by Michael E. Miller
​A decade ago, Hector Pesquera was rumored to be a top candidate for Miami Police chief. Instead, the former FBI man -- perhaps dogged by questionable ties to convicted felons -- embarked on ever more obscure positions: first as head of the Broward Sheriff's Office, lately as head of security...

Just Friends

16 years ago by Tristram Korten
It's no secret that Hector Pesquera, special agent in charge of the FBI's South Florida operations, is friends with convicted felon Camilo Padreda. It may not be a secret, but the friendship is strange enough that it's now the subject of a preliminary investigation by the Department of Justice. Padreda,...

Reader Mail: Don't Blame Puerto Rico for Miami's Crime

Reader Mail: Don't Blame Puerto Rico for Miami's Crime

Puerto Rico's Wave of Drugs and Brazen Murders Reverberates to Miami

7 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Puerto Rico's Wave of Drugs and Brazen Murders Reverberates to Miami See the slide show "Puerto Rico Awash in Violence and Drugs."

This Week's Day by Day Picks

16 years ago by Nina Korman
Thursday September 4 She's a weird chick, that winsome and wispy Tori Amos. She's a preacher's daughter who sings about an unreliable god, self-crucifixion, and murder. In other words, we love her. Currently touring in support of her album Scarlet's Walk, Amos promises to satisfy the droves of her fans...

A Friend Indeed

17 years ago by Tristram Korten
This is a distressing time for Camilo Padreda. It's the end of an era. Possibly his. The self-proclaimed best friend of the Miami Police Department is mourning the recent departure of Chief Raul Martinez. Padreda has known Martinez for nearly three decades and could count on the chief to open...

Terrorists, but Our Terrorists

18 years ago by Kirk Nielsen
Ideologically entrenched Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits have been calling one another "terrorists" since the term flared up into our modern-day lexicon three decades ago. But after the September 11 jetliner attacks, hard-liners here and on the island have taken the opportunity to inflame their long-running war...

Agent of Deception

21 years ago by Bob Norman
Aaron Sanchez, sitting in his office on the second floor of the Miami FBI office, ordered supervisory special agent Jerry Sullivan to show him the money. All $129,324 of it, along with records detailing where it had been. Nine months had passed since the cash was seized from a Deerfield...

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