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Fenced In

5 years ago by John Thomason
August Wilson is arguably the most important African-American playwright of the second half of the 20th Century, and Miami is blessed with not one but two black-centric theater companies that regularly present his work. Anyone lucky enough to catch the M Ensemble’s intensive and immersive production of Wilson’s King Hedley...

House Producer Sage Armstrong Is on the Fence About Going Full Hip-Hop

5 months ago by Howard Hardee
The Florida-native house producer and DJ is on the verge of dropping a through-and-through hip-hop project, and he can't decide whether to put it out as Sage Armstrong or under a new alias.

Brightline and Tri-Rail Have Killed Dozens

13 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
The patchy morning clouds had just begun to dissipate when the Tri-Rail train pulled out of the Pompano Beach station, heading south through the fading twilight of dawn. Thick bushes, tall green grass, and squat tan buildings littered with colorful graffiti lined the tracks. The train thumped by, picking up...

III Points 2019: SZA, James Blake, John Maus, and Yaeji Kept the Vibes Going Day Two

2 days ago by Jose D. Duran
As with most festivals, the second day of III Points brought a much larger crowd. Still, thanks to its boutique nature, the festival grounds never felt overwhelmed with people. However, for those hoping to take part in experiences such as the Skate Space or the decommissioned Gravitron ride with a...

Chad Ochocinco Says He Witnessed "His Neighbor" Roger Stone's Arrest in Fort Lauderdale

25 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
Today the FBI raided the Fort Lauderdale home of Roger Stone, the openly racist Trump confidante who dresses like a penny-farthing bicycle salesman. Stone is charged with lying repeatedly to the FBI and threatening federal witnesses in the most obvious and stupid ways possible.

Kyler Murray Is Exactly the Sort of Excitement the Dolphins Rebuild Needs

25 days ago by Ryan Yousefi
The Miami Dolphins have had a lot of interesting slogans over the years. "Feed The Wolf" is a personal favorite. Every year the Fins try to rally fans around a saying that fits the team's purpose. It's usually more to sell T-shirts than to...

New Times' Best Local Criminal-Justice and Police Stories in 2018

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
On one hand, some Miami-area law-enforcement agencies are transparently corrupt, averse to public accountability, and face virtually zero consequences when they do racist stuff. On the other hand: Some Aventura cops just went viral for dancing at the mall! All is clearly well, good, and supernormal in Miami cop-land...

Ten Festive Holiday Events and Activities for Kids in Miami

2 months ago by Minhae Shim Roth
The holidays are an exciting time of year for families with young ones, especially in Miami, where you can often don bikinis and flip-flops while Northerners wear puffy coats and boots. From multicultural orchestral performances to nighttime strolls around historic estates and sustainable ornament-making workshops...

Marty Wolfson Was Broke and Homeless Until a Horse Saved His Life

3 months ago by Mike Clary
Beneath live oaks draped with Spanish moss, the lush grasslands of Marion County roll on for miles, sectioned off by two-lane highways and black wooden fences. From more than 600 farms around here come thousands of equestrian champions, show horses, quarter horses, jumpers, sport horses, and thoroughbreds. American Pharoah, winner...

Ten Local III Points Acts You Can See Right Now

4 months ago by Jessica Gibbs
In an alternate universe, we would just now be coming down from the high of III Points. But in reality, Miami is eagerly awaiting the festival's return. This past May, III Points announced it would skip 2018 and return in February 2019. The fest debuted in 2012 and quickly carved out a space in Miami for local acts to share the stage with internationally acclaimed artists...

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