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Honeybee Doughnuts, Bulla Gastrobar Will Up the Falls' Food Game

20 days ago by Laine Doss
Honeybee Doughnuts is poised to open a second shop at the Falls Shopping Center.The first Honeybee Doughnuts opened in South Miami almost exactly three years ago with owner Karen Muirhead, a corporate executive with a dream, decided to finally open a small shop featuring baked good made with buttermilk, honey, and organic butter in many recipes. "That really makes them amazing," she says. "It makes a difference in how things are going to taste. I'm trying to go for the highest-quality ingredients possible."

Mind over Manners

16 years ago by Victor Cruz
SAT 10/11 In a world where high-schoolers need to be schooled on the overuse of the N-word, it's no wonder getting old-school manners means going back to school. The Kid's Village Youth Etiquette Camp gives youngsters the cues they need to gracefully navigate through precarious social events like greeting our...

MIT Nerds Get Table Manners and Dating Instruction

7 years ago by Marguerite Gil
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university located in Cambridge. The co-educational mecca is famous for its scientific and technological training and research programs. Founded in 1861, and offering hi-tech classes that most of us will never qualify for, MIT has now ventured into accessible programs for the...

Top Five Food Festival Etiquette Faux Pas

8 years ago by Lesley Elliott
It seems premature to say that the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is already a subject of talk about town, but they recently released the 2012 line-up, and we already spoke to Lee Schrager to get the inside scoop. Plus, Wine Enthusiast's Toast of the Town is this Friday...

How to Stop Holding Your Utensils Like Weapons: We Talk to an Etiquette Expert

5 years ago by Carina Ost
I never thought that I'd be one to discuss dining etiquette. After all, my first blog was entitled Uncouth Gourmands and my previous utensil usage brag was that I could fish pickles out of the jar with chopsticks. Although, this past week I have switched from my loud and inefficient...

Miami Bikini Model Accused of Funding Luxury Life With $2 Million Fraud

3 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Miami may not be considered a city of high manners, but some people get awfully awkward when you ask what exactly it is they do for a living. Not because you're breaking any of Emily Post's rules of etiquette by asking, but because they may be admitting to breaking some...

Knight Arts Challenge People's Choice: Swampspace, Still Swampy After All These Years

5 years ago by Abel Folgar
People's Choice Awards nominees are live. The community can vote now through November 17 via text message for one of six selected Knight Arts Challenge finalists to receive $20,000 to fund their projects. It's a text-to-vote campaign: Choose your favorite group and text its code to 22333. Of the 75...

Bread Plate on Left, Spittoon on Right

6 years ago by B. Caplan
We’ve all been there: You’re about to stuff your mouth-hole with the handful of Salisbury steak grabbed off your future mother-in-law’s plate when a glob of the meat falls onto your bare thigh (your cargo shorts are dangling from a chandelier across the restaurant). Before meeting the parents, you had...

Miami Woman Wants You to Stop Talking on Your Phone During Dinner

7 years ago by Hannah Sentenac
Like an unattached arm or leg, smartphones have become an indispensable part of the human anatomy. In the age of instant communication, it's difficult to imagine life without Mr. Samsung or iPhone by our side. And God forbid we should make it through a meal without tweeting, Instagramming, and Foodspotting...

Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami

6 years ago by Emily Codik
Listen up, gourmands: Favorite restaurants no longer indicate status. Sure, you may have a special table at Michy's. You can list past James Beard winners by heart, schmooze with top chefs, and toady up to sommeliers. But, really, no one cares anymore. Today's epicureans must exit restaurant dining rooms and...

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