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Farrow Does It Again. In Space.

12 years ago by Dan Renzi
Edison Farrow is the godfather of South Beach gay nightlife. When he began promoting events under his company name, SoBe Social Club, he pulled the gays out of the Beach’s early-millennium social doldrums and reminded them it was fun to go out at night. His creations — Martini Tuesdays, the...

The Cabaret Brings Classic Piano Bar Vibes to South Beach

2 years ago by Ana Maria Figueredo
Edison Farrow, a native New Yorker, grew up loving live music and piano bars. So, after 12 years as a Miami nightclub promoter, he decided to open the Cabaret South Beach, a nightspot where all the employees are singers. “One minute they are serving you a drink, and the next minute they are serving you a song.”

Shelborne Cabaret Goes Purple for Prince

4 years ago by Jesse Scott
Miami really doesn't need any more rain this week. Well, unless it’s “Purple Rain.” We can always make an exception for that. And, really, anything related to Prince. The charming Cabaret at Shelborne South Beach is set to pay tribute to the late musical artist with its “Cabaret Goes Purple” weekend.

The Birth of a Baby Grand

12 years ago by Raina McLeod
When hip-hop thugs G-Unit rap, "I move the keys, they call me the piano man," they're talking about transporting loads of happy powder, but when scene king Edison Farrow puts on a party called Piano Man, he's talking real keys, like the black-and-white ones at Crescendos Piano Bar. Each Wednesday,...

The Best Things to Do During Art Deco Weekend

3 years ago by Jessica Gibbs
The Miami Design Preservation League's 41st-annual Art Deco Weekend returns to South Beach this Friday. The free three-day, open-air festival draws thousands of people to Ocean Drive for a jam-packed weekend of events ranging from live music and shows to guided tours. The sheer number of events can be overwhelming, so let us guide you to some of the best happenings during the fest.

The Cabaret South Beach Relaunches at National Hotel

6 years ago by Hannah Sentenac
Miami's entertainment scene got a tad less fabulous last July when The Cabaret South Beach, a bar where waitstaff get up and sing, was forced out by its landlords. Luckily, the popular concept has found a new home at Miami's iconic National Hotel. Kicking off their soft opening today, a...

It’s Complicated

13 years ago by Dan Renzi
There are some things in life you can count on. That ex of yours will always let you down; mom’s chicken soup will make you feel better when you’re under the weather. And you know Edison Farrow’s weekly bash, The Simple Life, at Buck 15 will always be filled with...

ARTcade: Art, Craft Beer, and Frogger Meet in South Beach

7 years ago by Laine Doss
ARTcade, a combination art gallery, arcade, and bar, is set to open in South Beach, and the concept of playing Q*bert while holding a cold brew is totally mind-blowing. ARTcade, which features classic games, creative beer, and local art, opens Friday, July 11, at 235 12th St., just off Ocean...

Simple and Sweet

12 years ago by Dan Renzi
In the world of South Beach nightlife, clubs open, parties take off, promoters rise to fame, and then one day the promoter is gone and the building turns into an empanada shop. But not the Simple Life. Held Thursday nights at Buck15, the Simple Life has been going strong for...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.