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With the Miami Dolphins Tanking, We'll Never Truly Find Out Who Josh Rosen Is

1 month ago by Ryan Yousefi
As if there were ever a doubt, the Miami Dolphins' trade of Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to the Houston Texans this past Saturday for two future first-round picks and a second-round pick cements the obvious: The team is in full-fledged tank mode.

The Ten Best Halloween 2019 Parties in Miami

18 hours ago by Jose D. Duran
Here are the ten best Halloween 2019 parties in Miami.

Cocaine Overdose Therapy Is Being Tested to Treat Florida Sea Turtles

4 days ago by Jess Nelson
Sea turtles suffering from toxic red tide exposure could benefit from a therapy used to treat human drug overdoses

After Hurricane Dorian, Miami Carnival Shines a Spotlight on the Bahamas

7 days ago by Julienne Gage
The 35th-annual Miami Carnival has taken on a special resonance after Hurricane Dorian decimated parts of the Bahamas.

Worker at Homestead Migrant Shelter Says Children's "Mini Prison" Should Be Closed

7 days ago by Jessica Lipscomb
For the past nine weeks, workers at the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children have reported to their jobs at the facility for migrant kids, despite the fact that all children were transferred out of the camp in early August.

Hometown, Bon Gout, and Others Kindle a Quiet Barbecue Revolution

7 days ago by Zachary Fagenson
The sweet smell of smoke is wafting over Miami, and it's not coming from the parking lot of that new medical marijuana dispensary. It's emanating from the Citadel, where Richard Hales is test-smoking brisket, beef ribs, and pork ribs for his soon-to-open Society BBQ. Nearby in Little Haiti, Bon Gout...

Even at Anti-Bias Lecture Series, White and Latinx Miamians Avoid Black Spaces

8 days ago by Jordana Hart
What does it mean when white and Latinx people, intent on shedding their anti-black biases, forgo events at black churches and other black-controlled spaces even when these events are meant to help them on their journey to becoming more racially literate?

What to See and What to Skip at Miami Film Festival Gems 2019

8 days ago by Juan Antonio Barquin
The Miami Film Festival is back with its annual Gems — a weekend of movie premieres showing at the Tower Theater. Perhaps the most anticipated of these screenings is Pedro Almodóvar's Pain and Glory, which will open the four-day minifestival Thursday, October 10. But as New Times film critics Juan...

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

11 days ago by Jesse Scott
Luminosa Festival of Lights, David Avery and Mall Grab at the Ground, and more of the best things to do in Miami this weekend.

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