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Biogenesis Doctor Runs New Anti-Aging Clinic, and an NFL Superstar Showed Up on Its Instagram

6 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
In a clip posted for his 3.3 million Instagram followers this past March 28, Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown stands in a weight room at Hollywood Hills High School while grasping a comically large medicine ball. The song “Baby Birkin” by the rapper Gunna reverberates through the gym, painted various...

Six Reasons Nobody Goes to Miami Hurricanes Games at Sun Life

5 years ago by Ryan Yousefi
When the Hurricanes announced their "Go to Fewer Games!" campaign before the season began, this is not what they meant. This past Saturday, the paid crowd of 41,519 for the Hurricanes' 41-20 win over Arkansas State looked like half that number in cavernous Sun Life Stadium, and it was a...

Iron Twin

13 years ago by Calvin Godfrey
The chase is on. Juan "Iron Twin" Urango, a Colombian-born fighter hunting for a world championship, marches forward and swings at his opponent, Naoufel "Chocolata" Ben Rabah, with a huge left arm. Rabah jukes him and pops off a pitty-pat of punches. Urango lashes out again; Rabah ducks and leans...

The Bitch

Living in a democratic society is time-consuming. Under totalitarian regimes, no one has to spend valuable hours evaluating candidates. The deal with dictators is that they abolish voting, and as long as you don't try to depose them or say bad things about them, they don't drag you in front...

On the Block

20 years ago by Jose Luis Jiménez
Fast-forward to Miami 2015. A visitor from Chicago exits I-395 at Biscayne Boulevard and confronts a 23-story steel behemoth known as PIP (Pork Investor Park), home of the long-ago world-champion Florida Marlins. He heads south, hoping to catch a glimpse of that pretty bayfront showcased in the Internet travel brochures...

Freedom Fighters

23 years ago by Kathy Glasgow
What was perhaps the biggest disappointment in all of Diobelys Hurtado's 24 years came in the spring of 1992, when the coach of Cuba's powerhouse national boxing team told him he wouldn't be going to Barcelona to compete in the Olympics. Though the elusive right-hander with the surprising left hook...


NO POLITICS, NO HERESY In "Politics and Power" (August 14) a reference was made to the Gay and Lesbian Youth Group of South Florida, Inc. in a quote attributed to Greg Baldwin. This quote is in error. As president of the youth group, I wish to make a correction. In...

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