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Jax Celebrity Roast Honoring Dwyane Wade

Saturday, October 12, 6:00PM @ 1 Hotel South Beach
Civic Events

Not Even Dwyane Wade Wears Dwyane Wade Sneakers

11 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
We always thought Dwyane Wade's latest signature shoe, the Wade 4 by Converse, is kind of ugly. So we can't really blame him for never wearing them on court, but that's a bit controversial. When basketball players sign these ridiculously lucrative sneaker deals, they are expected to actually wear the...

Thank You, Dwyane Wade

3 years ago by Ryan Yousefi
Thank you, Dwyane Wade. Thank you for the thirteen years of unforgettable and unimaginable memories. Just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any better, it always did. Many teams in many towns will win championships in the future — maybe even ours — but nothing will ever top the...

Dwyane Wade Gets Owned

10 years ago by P. Scott Cunningham
Oh, this is not good. We already had our star power-or-maybe-small forward of the future in a rehab facility for a full month; Lamar Odom waffled for three weeks and then chose L.A. over us (BTW: Notice how decisive he was when it came to marrying a Kardashian. We sent...

Dwyane Wade Is Officially Divorced

9 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
The former couple in happier times.Just days before Dwyane Wade become a free agent on the NBA market, he's now free on the dating market. His eight-year marriage to high school sweetheart Siohvaughn Wade is officially done. A judge granted the divorce today after a prolonged and dramatic legal battle,...

Dwyane Wade Traded to the Miami Heat

2 years ago by Ryan Yousefi
He's back: Luke Babbitt has been traded to the Miami Heat in exchange for Okaro White! Rejoice, Heat Nation. Your prince has returned to Miami to pursue an NBA championship. Oh, and your king is comin' home, too. Yes, Dwyane Wade is once again a member of the Miami Heat. No shit...

A Documentary Film About Dwyane Wade Is Coming

7 months ago by Ciara LaVelle
Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has been one of South Florida's most beloved sports figures for over a decade. He's also in the middle of his final season in the NBA, with plans to retire later this year. But don't be too sad when he's gone, Wade County. You'll see...

Dwyane Wade's Lip Gloss Be Popping

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Look at this sharp Dwyane Wade. His perfectly manicured chin strip. His exquisite pencil mustache. His multi-carat princess-cut diamond earrings. Those snazzy little lines in his hair. His shiny lips?  Wait a second. Is Dwyane Wade wearing... lip gloss? Crunk & Disorderly seems to think so. There's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feminine side (it didn't seem to...

Five Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Dwyane Wade

7 months ago by Ryan Yousefi
What do you give the man who has it all? We've seen a few great ideas, and have a couple of our own.

KFC to Dwyane Wade: Work For Us

8 years ago by Laine Doss
Dwyane Wade is looking for a new line of work. Because of the NBA lockouts, the Miami Heat star has been tweeting he's looking for gainful employment. His list of accomplishments include making balloon animals (who knew he was so talented?) and working well with others. That's apparently enough for Kentucky...

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