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University of Miami Won't Commit to Ban on Facial Recognition Tech

15 days ago by Joshua Ceballos
Students tell New Times they're concerned about the "slippery slope" of surveillance techniques.

Fired Detective Alleges Widespread Corruption at Miami Police Department

19 days ago by Joshua Ceballos
The lawsuit alleges widespread corruption, conspiracy, and cronyism in the highest levels of the Miami Police Department.

University of Miami Studying New Breathalyzer-Style COVID Test

21 days ago by Michael Majchrowicz
A new COVID-19 test could be a fast and reliable alternative to having your brain poked via your nasal cavity.

Organizers Engage Young Miami Voters Through Art

29 days ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Miami advocacy groups have created art to engage young voters of color and encourage thought about the state of our democracy.

From Porn to Politics, Juan Melecio Mounts a Longshot Campaign in Wilton Manors

1 month ago by Michael Majchrowicz
Juan Melecio is a gay porn star campaigning on the idea that one of the nation's gayest cities is, well, "too gay."

UM Used Surveillance to Track Student Protesters

2 months ago by Joshua Ceballos
The university used facial-recognition technology to track down protesters and call them to a meeting with administrators.

As the Economy Sinks Ever Lower, Miami's Nightlife Industry Has Been Left to Fend for Itself

4 months ago by Kat Bein
There's still no clear path forward for Miami's venues and nightlife staff.

Miami Group Plans Vigil for Detainee Who Died in ICE Custody

5 months ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Onoval Perez-Montufa, a 51-year-old from Mexico, tested positive for COVID-19 on July 2.

Activist Interrupts Florida Governor: "Shame on You! You Are an Embarrassment!"

5 months ago by Joshua Ceballos
"We are getting record-breaking cases every day, and you are doing nothing," activist Thomas Kennedy shouted at Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Bleach-Selling Florida Preacher and Sons Charged in COVID Conspiracy

5 months ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Mark Grenon, who runs the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, has been the subject of a federal probe since April.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.