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Book Club: In Parenthesis With David Jones.

6 years ago by Kat Bein
The first gunshot of World War I bulleted through the air in 1914, yet a hundred years later, we continue to examine it with both fascination and horror. The Wolfsonian-FIU (1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) is in fact dedicated to veterans of all wars but was founded specifically to commemorate...

Miami New Times' 2020 Election Live-Blog

25 days ago by Alexi C. Cardona
If you've already stress-eaten every last bit of your leftover Halloween candy, we're right there with you.

Stay Home Halloween Weekend and Stream These Horror-Movie Favorites

1 month ago by Trae DeLellis
What to stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more during Halloween.

Advocates Fear Avalanche of Evictions Once Florida's Moratorium Lifts

6 months ago by Alex DeLuca
The 30-day extension gives tenants a temporary sense of relief, but many say it only postpones the inevitable.

Virtual Trial for Florida Felon Voting Rights Plagued by Glitchy Start

7 months ago by Joshua Ceballos
A video trial that began yesterday was a lot like a Zoom call with your less-than-tech-savvy relatives.

Despite Club Space's Closure, It Continues to Spread the Love Via Livestream

9 months ago by Jose D. Duran
Although the downtown Miami dance epicenter is being honest about the impact the coronavirus will have on its business, the beloved club is doing its best to keep the party going through community engagement and livestreamed DJ sets.

Hey, Remember When Bloomberg Weirdly Defended a Florida Pastor's Right to Burn the Koran?

10 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
One prominent politician — then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — needlessly jumped into the debate to remind Americans that Jones had the right to do whatever he wanted.

The Best Concerts in Miami This Week

10 months ago by Olivia McAuley
Miamians avoid the seasonal affective disorder plaguing dwellers of the wintry Northeast, but that doesn’t mean Magic City denizens are immune to the January blues. What better to cheer oneself up than to get up, get out, and catch some live music?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.