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Court Dismisses Laura Loomer's Complaints Against Florida Muslim Advocacy Group UPDATED

3 months ago by Jess Nelson
A federal judge has dismissed complaints against a Florida Muslim advocacy group filed by Laura Loomer, the conservative conspiracy theorist with a history of Islamophobic comments who's now running for Congress.

South Florida Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Democratic Lawmakers, Including Ilhan Omar

9 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Lately, Donald Trump fans have enjoyed attacking left-leaning Americans. Last year, for instance, Miami-area resident Cesar Sayoc sent pipe bombs to prominent liberals across the nation and went to jail. Today another South Florida man was arrested, this time for allegedly threatening to kill four Democrats.

Civil Rights Groups Plan Demonstration Criticizing Anti-Muslim South Florida Lawmaker

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
Hallandale Beach City Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub's career seems to be dangling on thin ice right now, and for good reason. Earlier this month, she claimed online that Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, one of the first two Muslim women ever elected to U.S. Congress, was a "Hamas-loving anti-Semite" who might one...

South Florida Politician "Unapologetic" for Racist Comment, Compares Muslim Congresswoman to "Hitler"

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
Earlier this week, Hallandale Beach Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub decided, for some godforsaken reason, to post on Facebook that she was worried that Rashida Tlaib, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, was a "Hamas-loving anti-Semite" who would "blow up Capitol Hill." In other words: With zero evidence, she accused a Palestinian-American of being a terrorist. That's racist, full stop.

Maduro Official Trolls U.S. With Travel Advisory Following Mass Shootings

6 months ago by Manuel Madrid
Under constant international pressure for the hellish conditions they helped create in Venezuela, members of the regime of strongman Nicolás Maduro never pass up an opportunity to point out the flaws of nations criticizing them.

Amid Dueling Protests, Anabelle Lima-Taub Promotes Islamophobic Website With Ties to Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory UPDATED

1 year ago by Brittany Shammas
Earlier this month, Israeli-born Hallandale Beach Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub called Rashida Tlaib, one of America's first two Muslim congresswomen, a "Hamas-loving anti-Semite" who might someday "become a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.” Lima-Taub was then widely condemned for her big mouth, even by the Anti-Defamation League. But the commissioner won't back down...

Hialeah Market Accused of Selling Weed From the Cash Register

7 months ago by Joshua Ceballos
Amigos Mini Market in Hialeah advertises that it sells soda, snacks, tobacco, and "much more." Apparently, "much more" included a few baggies of weed inside the cash register, according to Hialeah Police.

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Week

8 months ago by Jesse Scott
Thursday Perhaps you've caught some of Las Nubes' poppy rock and Spanglish sounds around town. Now the group is dropping its first album at a release party Thursday evening at the Bridge. In addition to snagging your copy of SMVT on vinyl or cassette, you can watch the band perform...

Trump's Palm Beach Mansion Is Haunted by Financial Crime

8 months ago by Brandon K. Thorp
In the fall of 1993, on the island of Palm Beach, future U.S. president Donald J. Trump became friends with Leslie Greyling, an illegal immigrant and accused con artist who is a fugitive from the law. Back then, the local sections of the Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily...

Miami Man Charged With Mosque Bomb Threat Posted Confederate Flag Online

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
Last October, Cutler Bay resident Dustin Hughes stamped his profile picture with an image of a Confederate flag and the message "Heritage not hate." But hate is exactly what has landed Hughes in jail on felony charges.

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