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Wynwood Pride, Facing Criticism, Pitches Itself as the Next Step in Miami's Queer Renaissance

2 months ago by Chris Malone
“There’s literally no place like Miami.” Sitting back on the couch in her private downtown studio, New Times' best drag performer of 2019, Queef Latina, reflects on the rebirth of LGBTQ culture that Miami has experienced in the past few years. She’s just returned from a trip to Cuba, where...

Ten Best Rap References to King of Diamonds

9 months ago by Cristina Jerome
Miami's King of Diamonds has reportedly closed, and strippers and bottle girls now must find a new place to shake their moneymakers. The booty club was best known as a celebrity afterhours hangout; for its coveted Monday nights, where reality-TV star Blac Chyna got her start; and as arguably one of the best places for dinner and a show....

How Miami Became America's Capital of Cryptocurrency, for Better or Worse

1 year ago by Jessica Lipscomb
On a frigid night in January, blue and purple lights strobed onto hundreds of amped-up faces in a dark club in downtown Miami. As an EDM version of "Don't Stop Believin'" pulsated from the speakers at E11even, burlesque dancers in flapper costumes shimmied on two stages. Men dressed in tailored...

Chris Paciello ratted on mob bosses, new documents show

8 years ago by Frank Owen
Chris Paciello ratted on mob bosses, new documents show

Bruce Matheson Single-Handedly Kills the Miami Open

3 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
Andy Murray is melting in the Florida heat. It's the final round — set three, game one — of the Miami Open, the biggest tennis tournament in Florida, the second-biggest in America, and, for at least a little while longer, the fifth-biggest in the world. The match is even at...

Poker Player Traveling With $100,000 Cash Foiled Two Robberies in One Day

6 years ago by Kyle Swenson
The poker player's white Nikes had just hit the concrete outside New York's John F. Kennedy Airport the night before Thanksgiving. The sky was bruising over with twilight. Terminal 5 was a hectic holiday beehive of passengers hustling for last-minute JetBlue hops. And there was Eric Riley, Jamaican-born, 32 years...

Top Ten Gambling Movies: Rounders, Cincinnati Kid, and More

9 years ago by Erik Maza
Americans love gambling movies almost as much as they love gambling itself. What's not to like? You get the thrill of a high-stakes cards game from the comfort of a multiplex. Over the last few years, though, something happened. The gambling movie was replaced by ESPN. Suddenly, with the broadcast...

Again and Again, 22 Jump Street's Lord and Miller Turn Crap Ideas Into Movie Gold

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
When Phil Lord and Chris Miller pitched their idea for a 21 Jump Street movie, a film everyone thought was, at best, a moronic moneymaker, they had one bold proposal: "What if the twist is that we try to make it really good?" says Lord. "That's basically a summary of...

Joaquin Phoenix Gives One of His Best Performances in Spike Jonze's Her

6 years ago by Amy Nicholson
In Spike Jonze's new sci-fi romance, Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a divorcé who rebounds by falling in love with his smartphone. On a recent Wednesday, however, he's a delinquent boyfriend, leaving his iPad abandoned on a chair in a Lebanese restaurant as he bounces off to the parking lot for...

Pro Poker Hurts

11 years ago by Michael J. Mooney
At a poker table, perhaps nothing is more disturbing than a well-tanned man. This is a man of luxury. He has the time in his schedule to lie beneath the sun so that it may color him. Or worse, he has the time and money to lie in a tanning...

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