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Buena Vista Social Club: Adios


Buena Vista Social Club Tribute Night

Thursday, November 21, 7:00PM @ Lummus Park
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Cuba’s Buena Vista Social Club Announces Adios Tour, Coming to Miami

5 years ago by S. Pajot
It’s been seven decades since anyone actually stepped into the Buena Vista Social Club, a members-only hangout in Havana, where some of the island’s most skillful singers and musicians pioneered a distinctively Afro-Cuban mezla of jazz, mambo, charanga, cha-cha-cha, rumba, and son. The club closed in the 1940s, long before...

Update: Buena Vista Social Club Returns to U.S., Cue Versailles Restaurant Protests

9 years ago by Erik Maza
The Buena Vista Social Club will play its first American shows in seven years this week, with appearances in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.Like Silvio Rodriguez, the band's likely skipping South Florida for fear of protests from fringe exile groups. The legendary geezers are just the latest Cuban musicians...

The Buena Vista Pirates Club

17 years ago by Bob Tarte
The gliding ease of Specialist in All Styles doesn't even hint at the long and tortuous road that led to its arrival. Orchestra Baobab no longer existed when World Circuit label founder Nick Gold decided that Senegal's seminal band deserved an album of new material following the success of 2001's...

Buena Vista Bistro - Closed

All right, so this place isn't a Latin American musical mecca in the heart of Havana. Hell, it's not even in Little Havana. Nor is it a social club. And no, you won't find Juan de Marcos González...
Deli, French

Buena Vista : New Music from the Old Club

21 years ago by Judy Cantor
Before Buena Vista Social Club gained fame as the title of the best-selling Cuban-music album of all time, it was an actual social club, a prerevolutionary gathering place for black residents of Havana's working-class Buena Vista neighborhood. An early scene in Wim Wenders's documentary Buena Vista Social Club, which opens...

Buena Suerte Social Club

Friday, October 25, 9:00PM @ U2S STUDIOS
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