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Another Black Teenager Accuses Broward Sheriff's Office of Using Excessive Force

8 months ago by Brittany Shammas
Another black teen has come forward accusing a different BSO cop of slamming him to the ground. The mother of 17-year-old Jordan Bennett went public Monday with a video showing a deputy holding the teen to the floor of the cafeteria at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach.

Dolphins' Phillip Merling Received Special Treatment From Broward Sheriff's Office

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
One day after Phillip Merling's arrest for allegedly punching a pregnant woman, the Broward Sheriff's Office is investigating why the Dolphins' defensive end received special treatment during his release from jail.Merling posted $15,000 bail yesterday, but instead of going through standard procedure where inmates are released through the jail's front door, Merling...

Broward Sheriff's Office to Pay $185,000 to Woman Beaten by Jail Guards

10 months ago by Bob Norman
The jailhouse surveillance video clearly shows the deputy violently wrenching inmate Audra West up out of a chair, throwing her around the room, and dragging her into a strip-search room. Other female deputies then run into the room with the door shutting behind them. West says that inside the room,...

Fort Lauderdale Man Says BSO Cops Broke Into His House and Never Told Him

2 months ago
Johnny Emmanuel says that if he didn't have a security system, he never would have know that Broward Sheriff's Office deputies picked his lock and entered his house in August 2019. He says the cops were looking for his son — who hadn't lived there in months. Emmanuel says he's glad no one else was home and that no one was shot.

Video: Man Says Broward Sheriff SWAT Team Broke Into His House Without Search Warrant

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Johnny Emmanuel has given many family members keys to his house. But none of them, he says, is able to open a side door at his Fort Lauderdale home — a door even he doesn't use. So when he got a text from his home-security system August 19 alerting him that someone had opened the auxiliary door, he assumed someone was breaking into his house.

BSO Shocker: Broward Undersheriff Abruptly Resigns

5 months ago by Bob Norman
In a blow to appointed Broward Sheriff Greg Tony's fledgling administration, Tony's hand-chosen undersheriff, Sean Zukowsky, abruptly left the agency today after just seven months on the job.

Judge Bans Broward County From Enforcing Gun-Control Ordinances

7 days ago by Alexi C. Cardona
Since 1987, Florida law has prohibited city and county governments from adopting their own gun laws or placing restrictions on firearms.

Overruling Florida Governor, State Official Says Ex-Broward Sheriff Should Be Reinstated

4 months ago by Manuel Madrid
In a direct blow to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida Senate special master tasked with considering the suspension of former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has concluded that the embattled cop should be reinstated.

Antonio Brown Throws Penis-Shaped Gummies at His Ex Outside Broward Home

9 days ago by Manuel Madrid
Things got even more bizarre when Brown picked up a bag of penis-shaped gummies lying in the street.

Five of Florida's Strange, Kinky, and Very Bad Santas

1 month ago by Manuel Madrid
Bad Santa might break into your home or tie you to a domination rack.

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