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Sexual Assault Is the Most Publicly Reported Crime on Cruises, but Companies Say It's Rare

11 days ago by Meg O'Connor
Jane woke up early. It was five days into the cruise, and the Celebrity Summit would be docked in Bermuda for the rest of the day before setting sail for New Jersey. The night before, the 19-year-old had gone to a show with her parents and her childhood best friend...

Miami-Dade Police Reported Undocumented Crime Victim to ICE

1 month ago by Jessica Lipscomb
In December, 38-year-old Mabel Perez-Ordonez received good news. A letter from Miami-Dade Police stated she'd been the victim of indecent exposure. That meant the Nicaraguan native would be eligible for a U visa — a path to legal status for undocumented crime victims who cooperate with cops. The Hialeah mother...

Biogenesis Doctor Runs New Anti-Aging Clinic, and an NFL Superstar Showed Up on Its Instagram

1 day ago by Jerry Iannelli
In a clip posted for his 3.3 million Instagram followers this past March 28, Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown stands in a weight room at Hollywood Hills High School while grasping a comically large medicine ball. The song “Baby Birkin” by the rapper Gunna reverberates through the gym, painted various...

Arrest Warrant Issued for Miami Immigration Activist Over Border Patrol Museum Protest

4 days ago by Brittany Shammas
The El Paso Police Department has issued arrest warrants for Alessandra Mondolfi and 15 other protesters, all of whom are part of a coalition called Tornillo: the Occupation. Three are charged with trespassing, while the rest — including Mondolfi — are charged with felony criminal mischief, a crime that carries a jail sentence of up to two years.

Five Times Cruise Lines Put Profits Ahead of Passengers

6 days ago by Jessica Lipscomb
Cruise lines repeatedly put profits ahead of passengers, as outlined in multiple lawsuits and news stories.

ACLU Cautions Immigrants, People of Color About Visiting Florida

11 days ago by Jessica Lipscomb
On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union cautioned immigrants and people of color about traveling to Florida. The travel advisory comes in response to two "anti-sanctuary" bills currently moving through the state Legislature.

How the Murder of a Palm Beach Doctor Brought the United States and Cuba Together

18 days ago by Mike Clary
On July 19, 2015, detectives arrived at Ronald O. Schwartz's secluded Jupiter Farms home and found him lying on his bedroom floor, his head haloed by a pool of blood. Two back doors were open, and the entire house had been ransacked. A .40-caliber shell casing lay near him. The 65-year-old retired gynecologist and multimillionaire was dead.

Broward Prosecutors Exonerate Man In 1983 Rape, Murder of College Student

30 days ago by Jessica Lipscomb
At his sentencing for the 1983 murder of a West Palm Beach college student, Ronald Henry Stewart said he was pleading no contest because it was in his best interest. His attorney pointed out a slew of flaws in the case — a potentially faulty eyewitnesses, the use of jailhouse snitches, and fingerprint evidence that didn't match Stewart's prints. But Stewart had previously been convicted of multiple rapes, and he feared being executed if a jury convicted him of killing 20-year-old Regina Harrison.

ICE Issued False Deportation Requests for 420 U.S. Citizens in Miami-Dade, ACLU Reports

1 month ago by Jerry Iannelli
Two American citizens who live in South Florida— Miamian Garland Creedle and Keys resident Peter Sean Brown — sued Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties after being wrongly held in jail and nearly deported thanks to mistaken paperwork from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Frighteningly, those two people are not alone. According...

Five Recent Stories That Show MDPD Needs a Civilian Police Review Board

1 month ago by Jerry Iannelli
The City of Miami currently operates a Civilian Investigative Panel, a group of everyday citizens who investigate complaints against Miami Police Department officers. The panel provides basic levels of accountability for the department, which has been regularly accused of committing civil-rights violations for decades. Naturally, the city's police union has fought...

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