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Biogenesis Doctor Runs New Anti-Aging Clinic, and an NFL Superstar Showed Up on Its Instagram

6 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
In a clip posted for his 3.3 million Instagram followers this past March 28, Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown stands in a weight room at Hollywood Hills High School while grasping a comically large medicine ball. The song “Baby Birkin” by the rapper Gunna reverberates through the gym, painted various...

Billy Corben's New Documentary on A-Rod's Biogenesis Steroid Scandal Debuts Next Month

1 year ago by Tim Elfrink
Billy Corben has made a career out of turning the most quintessentially insane Miami stories into compelling documentaries, from the Cocaine Cowboys depiction of the '80s yeyo heyday to The U and The U Part Two's retelling of two generations of madness and football domination by the Hurricanes. For his latest...

Biogenesis Scandal: Tony Bosch Charged by Feds UPDATED

5 years ago by Tim Elfrink
One year after Anthony Bosch's roster of Major League Baseball clients -- including hometown star Alex Rodriguez -- received a record round of suspensions for buying performance enhancing drugs from Biogenesis, his Coral Gables clinic, Bosch himself is finally facing the music. Federal agents have reportedly arrested Bosch and some...

Biogenesis Chief Tony Bosch Is Free, Plans to Talk to Kids About "Nutrition"

3 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Today, Tony Bosch is a free man. After spending a little more than a year and a half in federal custody for orchestrating the biggest illegal steroid operation in pro sports history, Bosch walked out of a Miami halfway house yesterday.  So what's next for the onetime chief of Biogenesis,...

Biogenesis: When Will Bosch Get His Due?

6 years ago by Tim Elfrink
UPDATE: Seven months after New Times published its investigation into Biogenesis and its founder, Tony Bosch, Major League Baseball suspended 14 players tied to the clinic. In August 2014, Bosch and nine other men tied to his steroid ring were charged with a variety of crimes in federal court. Bosch...
Best Of Winner

Best Film Director

Billy Corben

We'll freely admit this category is entirely rigged and corrupt. Billy Corben — already the best-known-and-decorated documentarian in Miami — doesn't deserve any more awards or love from New Times specifically. But last year he made a movie that is in many ways about this publication, so we'd be stupid...
Best Of Winner

Best Miami Documentary


No filmmaker tells Miami's story quite like Billy Corben. And the Biogenesis scandal is so very Miami. With a cast of characters including an obsessive tanner with a vindictive streak and a fake doctor who linked up with a drug dealer to hawk steroids, plus some of the biggest names...

NFL Star Antonio Brown Appears in Workout Video Alongside Rep From Biogenesis-Tied Clinic

6 months ago
All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown says he had no idea how Michael Junco, a Nuceria employee, turned up to Brown's private workout at Hollywood Hills High School on March 28. Brown denies knowing anything about the clinic, which is overseen by the former "medical director" of Biogenesis.

Here's a New Trailer for Screwball, Billy Corben's Comedy-Documentary About Steroids, A-Rod, and New Times

7 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Rakontur Productions' new Miami steroid documentary, Screwball, hits theaters on March 29. We'd like to say we're promoting the film simply because it's an absolutely hilarious, only-in-Miami crime-caper, black comedy, and piece of journalism all rolled into one. But there is more to it. Though all that is true, we are...

Biogenesis Chief Tony Bosch Gets Four Years in Federal Pen

5 years ago by Tim Elfrink
Update: Shortly after Bosch's sentencing, Alex Rodriguez issued his first apology to fans for secretly buying banned drugs from Bosch for years. This morning, U.S. District Court Judge Darrin Gayles sentenced Biogenesis chief Tony Bosch to 48 months in federal prison and three years of probation upon his release on...

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