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Ann Louise Bardach Goes to Prison with Fidel

12 years ago by Frank Houston
“Rarely has one man been blessed with such an auspicious destiny. Few have been endowed with so many gifts, opportunity and the good will of so many. That he squandered it so makes Cuba’s tragedy all the more wrenching.” That man, of course, is Miami’s nemesis: Fidel Castro. The woman...

Miami Book Fair: Ann Louise Bardach on Fidel Castro's Death

10 years ago by Chuck Strouse
Back in the 1990s, Ann Louise Bardach -- who speaks Sunday at 11 a.m. with Gerald Posner at the Miami bookfair, made herself infamous in Miami by scoring a huge interview with Fidel Castro for Vanity Fair. Later, she nailed American hypocrisy toward terrorists when talking with Magic City mad...

Testimony From GOP Miami Candidate Helped Acquit Notorious Cuban Bomber

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
In Little Havana, it was an open secret that Luis Posada Carriles had blown up a Cuban airliner in 1974, killing 73 people. And many observers later suspected Carriles was also behind a series of 1997 attacks on Cuban hotels that killed an Italian tourist and injured 11 others. But...

After the Last Cigar

10 years ago by JOE LAPIN
How different would Miami be without Cuban culture? Our Cuba Libres would be just rum and Coke, and, well, we'd probably have to rename Little Havana. Truthfully, the Magic City would be sin magia. And since 1959, Miami's diverse culture has been influenced by the power struggles between Fidel Castro...

Castro Cried When He Got a Colostomy

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
We know half of the scribes in Miami have their pens waiting in anticipation for the day Fidel dies, but journalist Ann Louise Bardach, author of Cuba Confidential, has gone ahead and written a whole book on the subject. The Daily Beast has the exclusive first excerpts from Without Fidel:...

BP Oil Spill Benefits Cuba, Fidel Castro

10 years ago by Erik Maza
While Deepwater Horizon continues spewing black crude into the Gulf of Mexico, Cuban commies might be rejoicing. That's because the oil spill could be the strongest argument yet for ending the embargo.Already, the two sides have been talking regularly about the Big Spill and how Cuba can protect itself from...

Castro About to Do Something Crazy?

11 years ago by Jesse Hyde
That's what political writer Mickey Kaus is wondering over at his blog on, pointing out that every time the U.S. seems to be getting too cozy with Cuba, Castro pulls some shit just to let everybody know he's either a badass or batshit crazy. This actually isn't Kaus's theory;...

Vice Travels to Cuba to Explore Fidel Castro's Sex Life, Comes Up Flaccid

6 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
If you're going to travel to a totalitarian country for a month to uncover the story of one of the most controversial living international leader's sex lives, you might want to bring along more than a detached hipster's sentiment about sex and politics. But what else would you expect from...

Oliver Stone Gets Fined for Cuba Visit

13 years ago by Frank Houston Old friends Busted! The U.S. Government has fined director Oliver Stone for illegally traveling to Cuba. According to a tersely-worded Department of Treasury document released Dec. 1, the IXTLAN Corp. of Santa Monica, Ca. -- Stone's production company -- will pay $6,322.20 to "resolve allegations of violations of the...

Letters to the Editor

From Secret Service to Public ServiceScribe praised, demands promotion, big fat raise: Thanks to Rebecca Wakefield for accepting the challenge of investigating and writing about the plight of my son Patrick Cruise regarding the illegal conduct of the Secret Service ("Life in the Secret Service," September 13). She did a...

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