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Amnesty International Calls Homestead Migrant Facility a Human-Rights Violation

9 months ago by Brittany Shammas
Some teenagers have languished for months behind the tall chain-link fences of the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children, the nation's only for-profit detention center for migrant kids. But in a report released Wednesday, Amnesty International says children should be detained only as a last resort...

Amnesty International: Homestead Official Said Kids With No Sponsor Should be Deported

9 months ago by Brittany Shammas
When an Amnesty International delegation visited the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children in April, there were at least 97 children who had no one to care for them in the United States. In a comment that stunned the Amnesty group, the Homestead facility's then-program director Leslie Wood said it was better for kids like them to be deported than placed with someone for the purpose of keeping them in the country because they might be trafficked.

Amnesty International to Bring Refugee-Crisis Awareness to Miami With Art for Amnesty

4 years ago by Sofia Harris
Amnesty International, the renowned Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights and social justice network, will host Art for Amnesty for the first time in Miami this Friday, August 12. The event, which will be held in Wynwood, is free to the public and consists of an art showcase, panel discussion, and...

Amnesty International Brings Hundreds of Activists to Miami, Plans March This Afternoon

4 years ago by Alexandra Martinez
Miami is no stranger to human rights violations. Undocumented workers who have lived here for over twenty years are being deported, our governor just defunded Planned Parenthood, and locals are being displaced due to rapid overdevelopment. There is a lot of work to be done in Dade. So it's good...

FIU Students Walking Out Today to Demand DREAM Act and Amnesty for Immigrants

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
It turns out protesting in the streets for civil rights might actually accomplish a thing or two. Two days ago, progressive Democrats in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states cruised to victory in off-year elections after a full 12 months of anti-Trump, pro-equality demonstrations.

Here's a List of People Demanding to Close the Homestead Detention Center

8 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Earlier this year, an estimated 3,000 kids sat inside the Homestead child-migrant compound waiting to be reunited with sponsors and family members around the country. But now, the facility is rapidly shedding children. This is, possibly, because the facility can only hold 1,200 kids safely during a low-level hurricane, and hurricane season began June 1.

Homestead Camp Holds Too Many Kids to Safely Accommodate in a Hurricane

9 months ago by Manuel Madrid
The nation's largest facility for unaccompanied immigrant children is holding more kids than it can safely accommodate during a low-category hurricane. That's what Homestead officials told a delegation from Amnesty International during a tour of the facility earlier today.

The Nine Best Free Events in Miami This Week

8 months ago by Jesse Scott
Make Fido happy on National Dog Day, watch more than 100 acts for free at the Ball & Chain Music Festival, and enjoy more of the best free events in Miami this week.

Anti-Riot Bullets Made by Two Florida Companies Used to Brutalize Protesters in Hong Kong

8 months ago by Manuel Madrid
Violent clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong continue weeks after mass demonstrations in the city first turned ugly in June. The unrest, which began in response to a now-shelved bill that would have allowed for the extradition of people to China, has expanded to a wider struggle over Hong Kong's sovereignty and the use of excessive force by law enforcement.

The 14 Best Things to Do in Miami This Week

7 months ago by Jesse Scott
Thursday, August 29 It's always a good time at Gramps when the sultry folks of Double Stubble take the stage. In addition to drag performances by the likes of CiiCii Ro, Lady Paraiso, Spaci Lacey, and Venis Pagina, Amnesty International will be onsite to provide information about how to help...

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