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Miami Cops Plan to Use New 90-Minute DNA Tests, Alarming Civil Liberty Groups

5 months ago by Brittany Shammas
Traditionally, police need two to three months to collect, process, and analyze DNA samples. But with a new kind of technology recently adopted by the Miami Police Department, the entire procedure can be wrapped up in less time than it takes to watch a movie. Soon enough, the agency says, it'll be able to analyze a suspect's DNA before he or she is even released from custody.

Rift Develops Between Miami Beach Police Department and Vigilante Group

13 hours ago by Brittany Shammas
Since its launch about a year and a half ago, the secret Facebook group Miami Beach Crime Prevention and Awareness has been lauded by city leaders for its efforts to fight crime. Despite a lean toward vigilantism and concerns from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, the group has been awarded...

Judge Invalidates Miami's Landmark Homeless-Protection Order From 1998

4 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
One of the nation's landmark homeless-protection laws is now gone. Since May 2018, the City of Miami has been trying to invalidate a 1998 legal decision that prevented city cops from arresting homeless people for living their lives outside. The so-called Pottinger Agreement, named for homeless Miamian Michael Pottinger...

ACLU Tells Rubio He Doesn't Understand How the First Amendment Works

20 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
Sen. Marco Rubio's career has improbably rebounded since Donald Trump humiliated him during the 2016 election season. It didn't seem to matter that Rubio used an LGBTQ mass murder as an excuse to break his own promise and run for Senate again. Now Trump has basically deputized Rubio to serve as what some politicians are calling "virtual secretary of state for Latin America"...

Hialeah Police Prepare for "Civil Unrest" With $134,000 Purchase of Ballistic Helmets

6 months ago by Jessica Lipscomb
The last time a giant protest turned into a chaotic state of civil unrest in Hialeah was — well, it's hard to point to a recent example. The city's police stay busy chasing crotch-grabbing car dealers, fake veterinarians, and mail thieves, but a mob of angry rioters has yet to descend upon the "City of Progress."

Mayor Wants to Extend Secret Miami-Dade Police Phone Surveillance

5 days ago by Meg O'Connor
For years, Miami-Dade Police have had the technology to intercept cell phone communications in real time. Since 2003, the county has spent more than $526,000 on contracts with Pen-Link, a Nebraska-based surveillance technology company, to equip the the county police department with a telephone surveillance system. The latest contract with Pen-Link is set to...

ACLU, Civil Liberties Groups Voice Concern Over Twitter-Parody Arrest in Miami Beach

1 year ago by Jerry Iannelli
A person's right to make fun of elected officials on the internet is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. So Miami Beach Police have quite a high bar to clear if they want to prove that resident Ernesto Orsetti was illegally "impersonating a cop" when he created a fake Twitter profile purporting to be Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez.

ACLU Says Marco Rubio Is Pushing a Free-Speech Crackdown

1 month ago by Jerry Iannelli
The First Amendment protects Americans from being punished by the state for the things they say. The "state" part here is key: You are not being censored, for example, if you're fired from your job as a newspaper columnist because you got caught hanging out with a neo-Nazi biker gang...

Bill Would Label Criticism of Israel in Florida Schools "Anti-Semitic"

27 days ago by Jerry Iannelli
In May 2018, the state of South Carolina passed a bill lawmakers said was aimed at fighting anti-Semitism in the state's public school system. But many critics were instead alarmed: Rather than simply cracking down on speech critical of Jewish people, the bill instead banned criticism of the state...

Bill Would Require Florida Cops to Get Warrants Before Monitoring Your Cell Data

2 months ago by Jerry Iannelli
Smartphones in 2018 are necessary, ubiquitous devices that function as GPS location trackers, cameras that follow us into the bathroom, private-communication-logging devices, business computers, and, let's be honest, porn-streaming screens. Yet there are still bizarrely few laws banning cops from swiping highly personal phone data without your consent or just cause.

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