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Survival Tips for Marysol Patton When She Embarks on Real Housewives Tour

9 years ago by Elyse Wanshel
If you slapped bikinis on Real Housewives NeNe Leakes, Jill Zarin, and Melissa Gorga, shoved them into an inflatable kiddie pool full of jello, and told them to wrestle, who do you think would end up with the most weave still attached to their head? We're sure Anderson Cooper would...

Marysol Patton Explains Why Real Housewives of Miami Lacked Chemistry

9 years ago by Stacey Russell
If you're anything like us, you may remember the excitement you felt when you heard that Real Housewives of Miami was no longer a rumor, but actually happening. And again, like us, you can remember the disappointment you felt when you actually got to watch the first episode. It wasn't...

SuperFly Is Silly, Pandering, and Full of One-Note Fools

2 years ago by Craig D. Lindsey
Right from the opening scene, where Priest shakes down/humiliates a drug-dealing rapper and his crew, SuperFly establishes that no one can ever be as cunning and crafty as him

Alex Trebek Is Leaving Jeopardy? Top Five Miamians to Replace Him

8 years ago by Ily Goyanes
Alex Trebek's contract expires in 2016, and rumor has it he'll step down as host of Jeopardy! He's been running that shop for so long it's hard to imagine someone else treating geniuses like morons. Rumors are circulating that ABC is thinking of Matt Lauer from the Today Show, but...

Poll: Rick Scott's Unpopularity Could Help Obama in Florida

10 years ago by Kyle Munzenrieder
Fresh off of its Republican primary poll yesterday, Public Policy Polling, a democratically-aligned polling firm, has released new numbers showing that large numbers of Florida voters are less likely to vote for a Republican presidential candidate in 2012 thanks to the actions of Rick Scott. The poll comes on the...

How to Get Rich in the Medical Marijuana Business (or Go Broke Trying)

7 years ago by Francisco Alvarado
Inside a conference room at a Sheraton Hotel in Miami, Bob Calkin paces in front of a small stage, holding a microphone. The 50-year-old Los Angeles cannabis hustler with '80s rock-band hair flies around the United States, charging folks $299 a head to learn how to make a fortune dealing...

Adriana de Moura: "I am Not One of Those Real Housewives Who is Going to Lose Her Career"

8 years ago by Stacey Russell
On a very steamy summer day, a photo shoot in the heart of the Magic City is being prepared. Stylists are steaming racks of couture ensembles, makeup artists are cleaning their brushes, and hairstylists are ensuring curling irons are ready. All is in place, except the cover girl, Adriana de...

Lea Black on Real Housewives of Miami's Third Season, Drones, and Her Upcoming Gala

8 years ago by Ciara LaVelle
Starring on The Real Housewives of Miami didn't make Lea Black faaahbulous, darling. It's the other way around. The blonde powerhouse with razor-sharp quips is a huge part of what's made the series a guilty pleasure for viewers around the world. Besides, she was a big deal here in Miami...

What Happens When Old People Use Google

10 years ago by Elyse Wanshel
Last week a man told his 81-year-old father that making tweets was how to search things on Google. The result was the hilarious @oldmansearch.The tweets reflect the mind of a confused (but adorable) old coot: how do you pronounce juan, cold toes, is alex trebek really smart, national geographic dinosaur...

Get Inside!

15 years ago by Jordan Harper
Summer is the season of high expectations and profound disappointments. That suntan looks more like sunburn, your beer stays ice-cold till the moment it's opened, and fat guys are the only ones hanging by the pool in bikini briefs. So it goes with summer movies: Sequels to beloved faves have...

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