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Havana Kidz

Documentary, Musical

Liberty City Seven Trial Begins!

12 years ago by Isaiah Thompson
Forget about OJ -- opening arguments in the trial of the “Liberty City 7” are underway and already, the case looks like it will afford one of the zaniest, glimpses into our government’s war on terror yet – as if Operation Iraq Freedom weren’t enough of a circus. The seven...
Best Of Winner

Best Periodiquito

Argentina Hoy

Unlike some local Spanish-language weeklies, edited by ink-slinging politicos trying to hamstring competitors for a city or county commission seat, this rag actually reports local, national, and world news with a critical eye. Recent issues included thoughtful coverage on the Iraq War, citing the mounting body count of allied soldiers...

Ex-FBI Agent Back in Court

13 years ago by Tamara Lush
John Connolly – a 66-year-old retired FBI agent who is awaiting trial in Miami on murder charges – told a judge Tuesday that his lawyer, Manny Casabielle, wasn’t spending enough quality time with him. “I have no problem with his ability to defend me,” Connolly told Judge Barbara Areces in...

Lights! Camera! Terrorists!

14 years ago by Trevor Aaronson
The story of the Liberty City 7 ignited last Thursday as most of South Florida headed home from work. At 5:57 p.m., NBC affiliate WTVJ-TV (Channel 6) disrupted regular programming. Patricia Andreu, a pretty brunet of Cuban descent, broke in breathlessly. "We have some video that is just arriving from...

FBI tries to deport Muslim man for refusing to be an informant

10 years ago by Trevor Aaronson
Unholy War: FBI tries to deport North Miami Beach imam Foad Farahi for refusing to be an informant

Only a fraction of Mexicans get U.S. asylum

10 years ago by Chris Vogel
Only a fraction of Mexicans get U.S. asylum

Letters from the Issue of April 11, 2002

Korda's Last Will and Testament Desperate acts of a revolutionary with second thoughts? Kirk Nielsen's excellent article on Alberto Korda's photographs and the disputes over rights to his work ("Blowup," April 4) was brimming with delicious ironies that mimic the Cuban revolutionary experience. Imagine my sense of naughty delight at...

Still Sweet

18 years ago by Carla Boidi
It's already dark when the farandula gathers outside Café Nostalgia on a Thursday evening. Journalists, artists, songwriters, and industry types kiss and shake hands, careful not to crease their starched shirts or defrost their frozen smiles. Inside, waiters cut through the multitudes, carrying sugar-laced trays of mojitos and rocks glasses...

The Next Wave

25 years ago by Judy Cantor
Fulano de tal stands on a portable stage in the Hard Rock Cafe at Bayside, framed by a stained glass portrait of Jim Morrison. "Who's here tonight?" he barks. "Colombia!" "Argentina!" "Venezuela!" "Peru!" shouts the crowd. "No speak English?" goads the singer with an exaggerated Spanish accent. "Yo tampoco, porque...

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