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Exclusive Excerpt: The Year of Dangerous Days: Riots, Refugees, and Cocaine in Miami 1980

6 months ago by Nicholas Griffin
Exclusive excerpt from Nicholas Griffin's chronicle of a watershed year in Miami.

Adventure in Afghanistan

11 years ago by S. Pajot
With American withdrawal set to begin in July 2011, President Obama might narrowly prevent the war in Afghanistan from eclipsing Vietnam as the longest military conflict in U.S. history. But given Afghan President Hamid Karzai's unhinged threats to join the Taliban as well as the Pentagon's muted skepticism of the...

Musician Jerry Joseph Brings Music to War Torn Iraq and Afghanistan

3 years ago by Liz Tracy
Portland, Oregon, rocker Jerry Joseph remembers the first song he wrote as a six-year-old. It was inspired by a graphic version of the Fab Four. “The Beatles had a Saturday morning cartoon show," he recalls, "I remember watching, and I already had a guitar, and I wrote a song. That’s...

The Nightmare in the Bahamas Is Far From Over

1 year ago by Zachary Fagenson
The devastation on Great Abaco wasn't apparent at first. While the pilot we'd paid $1,300 for the 45-minute flight from Nassau began the plane's descent, the teal-and-cobalt Atlantic gave way to vast expanses of jagged green spits bordering shallow, sandy lagoons. A grounded boat lying on its side some 500 yards inland was the first indication of what was to come.

New Documentary Features Veterans Shunning Pharmaceuticals for Cannabis

1 year ago by Carlos Miller
The fact that the federal government has been lying to the people of the United States for decades about the dangers of cannabis is especially jarring to shellshocked veterans of war who were under the impression they were fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

Video: Rick Naya, Gainesville Green Creator, Explains Why He's the Great-Grandfather of Hybrid Cannabis

2 years ago by Carlos Miller
Fifteen-year-old Rick Naya was camping with a friend in South Florida’s J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area when he spotted a cargo plane flying above, dumping dozens of marijuana bales into the woods below. It was like a gift from the ganja gods. The year was 1975, and Florida was becoming...

Miami Army Psychiatrist Delvena Thomas Headed to Afghanistan

11 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Fourteen-hour work days in ungodly heat in a city full of Al-Qaeda operatives and insurgents intent on killing you. Daily visits from soldiers whose minds have been shredded, if not by shrapnel than by the stress of fighting for years far from home.And you thought your job was tough. Local psychiatrist...

Five Feet Apart Is More Manipulative Than Moving, While To Dust Has Morbid Charm

2 years ago by Juan Antonio Barquin
Five Feet Apart. Noses blowing and heavy sobs will be heard around the world when Five Feet Apart releases this week, another entry into the odd little subgenre that is Romance Featuring One Or More Terminally Ill Characters (whose most popular film is undoubtedly The Fault in Our Stars). At...

Rubio Threatens Venezuela Invasion by Referencing American Military Disasters in Libya, Panama

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
Throughout Marco Rubio's push to attack Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro, the Florida senator's defenders have claimed it would be nothing like the military disasters of the past. But Rubio yesterday seriously undermined that argument — by comparing this new conflict to the '80s Cold War and catastrophic 2011 invasion of Libya.

Wasserman Schultz to Lead Military-Spending Committee After Taking $160,000 in Defense Donations

2 years ago by Jerry Iannelli
If you want an example of the painfully transactional and conflicted nature of U.S. congressional committee assignments, consider the case of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The new, Democrat-controlled House of Representatives was sworn in at the beginning of the month and leaders began handing out committee appointments. Wasserman Schultz, who represents...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.