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Miami's Own Adnan Shukrijumah Becomes Osama's Lieutenant

10 years ago by Chuck Strouse
I was wrong. Seven years ago, at the Iraq War's start, I wrote a column expressing skepticism about the Bush administration's claim that Adnan Shukrijumah of Miramar was a top terrorist. Earlier today, reports leaked from the FBI that Shukrijumah has become Osama Bin Laden's top man on global terrorism. Shukrijumah...

Muslim McCarthyism

17 years ago by Chuck Strouse
Going to meet the imam It was 10:00 a.m. on a steamy, sunny morning just a few days after American soldiers began dying in Iraq. Zuhrah Abdu Akmed opened the door of her tiny Miramar house. She squinted as the aroma of curry and eggs wafted into the yard and...

FBI tries to deport Muslim man for refusing to be an informant

10 years ago by Trevor Aaronson
Unholy War: FBI tries to deport North Miami Beach imam Foad Farahi for refusing to be an informant

Terrorist or Trickster

14 years ago by Tristram Korten
The call came in the middle of the day. They normally did. And once I heard his voice, I knew it would be far more interesting than sorting through my notes about Miami's latest bureaucratic squabble. His voice was husky and animated: "It was Memorial Day weekend in 2001 and...

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