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Brooklyn's Ample Hills Creamery Opens First South Florida Store at Aventura Mall

1 hour ago by Clarissa Buch
Brooklyn's Ample Hills Creamery has made its way to South Florida with the opening of an outpost today, Friday, September 20, at Aventura Mall.

The Five Best Concerts in Miami This Weekend

2 hours ago by Liz Tracy
These are the five best concerts in Miami, September 20 through 22.

Miami Beach Considers Hosting Jimmy Buffett Show to Push Out Spring Breakers

2 hours ago by Jessica Lipscomb
This year's spring break was one of the most contentious in Miami Beach history. For starters, the city saw a 33 percent increase in crowd size from 2018 despite an expensive marketing campaign aimed at fending off spring breakers. Police donned riot gear and parked prison wagons on the sand to haul miscreants off to jail. Critics accused city leaders of targeting black tourists in the crackdown.

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

2 hours ago by Jesse Scott
Rock out to some Bowie, Nightmares on Wax and Kerala Dust this weekend. Also, the Black Market moves to a new night!

Holy Dances Is Making the Music Its Bandmates Longed to Hear in South Florida

3 hours ago by Angel Melendez
No one in South Florida was making the sort of fuzzy, jangly indie rock that lead singer, guitarist, and founder Jose Perez wanted to hear on the local circuit, so he made it himself with Holy Dances.

Eyes on Miami: Jennifer Lopez, J Balvin, CNCO, and Others

3 hours ago by World Red Eye
It's not easy having eyes all over the scene, being around to take in all the wild visuals at all the worthwhile places in the city. There are, however, those parties and gallery openings where a fortunate photographer can point and shoot. Every week, in collaboration with World Red Eye,...

Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Weekend: Ample Hills Creamery, PopRamen, and Gulf Stream Brewing

3 hours ago by Clarissa Buch
This weekend, Orange Bowl Food & Wine Celebration returns to South Florida, while various local restaurants in Miami-Dade and Broward unite for Bahamian recovery. Plus, Ample Hills Creamery offers free ice cream at Aventura Mall for its grand opening, and the inagural PopRamen food festival takes place in the Miami Design District.

Everything You Need to Know About the Dolphins' Must-Lose Game Against the Dallas Cowboys

3 hours ago by Ryan Yousefi
Honestly, we thought we would have stopped doing this by now. Tracking the Dolphins' mission to #TankForTua seemed like a good idea when the season began, but we figured by now there would be more pressing matters to deal with and newsier news to discuss.

South Florida Drug Dealer Charged With Murder, Accused of Giving Fentanyl to Miami Woman

17 hours ago by Jerry Iannelli
Today 58-year-old Bernard Gonzalez became the first person in Broward County to be charged with murder for selling fentanyl to a person who later overdosed.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2020 Highlights: Pizza Party, Gospel & Falafel, and Marcus Samuelsson

23 hours ago by Laine Doss
The five-day fete is slated for February 19 through 23, 2020, and will offer more than 100 parties, dinners, and events. Though the festivities are spread across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, the festival's epicenter remains South Beach, where massive tents will be erected oceanside, on the sand.

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