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Alex Diaz de la Portilla Accused of Trespassing, Voter Intimidation at Senior Housing Complex

4 hours ago by Manuel Madrid
Just five months after facing allegations of ballot tampering after a WhatsApp chat was leaked to New Times, Miami-Dade County Commission District 1 candidate Alex Diaz de la Portilla is now accused of further misconduct on the campaign trail.

Lebanese-Inspired, Vegan-Friendly Mama Joon Coming to Life House Collins Park

6 hours ago by Nicole Danna
Mama Joon, a homestyle Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with a vegetable-centric menu, is set to debut early next month in Miami Beach. It will be located inside Life House Collins Park, the second South Florida location of the Silicon Valley-backed boutique hotel chain founded in 2017.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Quietly Honors Sarah Sanders With County Plaque

8 hours ago by Jerry Iannelli
In January 2017, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez became nationally known as the first big-city official in the nation to comply voluntarily with President Donald Trump's demands to ban so-called sanctuary cities, which refuse to detain people for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Vie Bohème Finds Common Ground Between Nightlife and Artistic Expression

8 hours ago by Jaime Sloane
Naomi Serret wears many hats. A lifelong dancer and choreographer and an ardent supporter of music that spans the genre spectrum, the 32-year-old Miami native founded Vie Bohème Productions two years ago as a platform to celebrate artists across all mediums. "Art and music have always been a big part...

The Seven Best Pumpkin-Flavored Treats in Miami

8 hours ago by Elena Vivas
From pumpkin tiramisu doughnuts to crisp pumpkin pastelitos, gourd-centric treats are a must-try this season and the perfect pairing for any festive gathering with friends. Here are Miami's top pumpkin-flavored treats.

Frost Science's New Exhibit Shows Math Is All Around Us

8 hours ago by Juliana Accioly
A new exhibit at the Frost Museum of Science, on view through April 12, 2020, allows visitors to explore numbers and patterns in nature.

Weather Data Confirms Miami Fall Is a Hellacious Rerun of Summer

9 hours ago by Jess Nelson
It's basically still summer in the Magic City. Take one step outside without sunglasses, and the searing sun instantly blinds you. Go for a short walk, and the sticky humidity soon drenches your clothes in sweat.

Miami Beach Officially Bans Public Smoking of Marijuana and Hemp

10 hours ago by Jessica Lipscomb
For the past three and a half months, marijuana has essentially been decriminalized in Miami. After Florida legalized hemp July 1, the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office announced it would no longer prosecute most minor marijuana charges because the substance is virtually indistinguishable from hemp.

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