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Commissioner Keon Hardemon Wants to Bring Ultra Music Festival Back to Bayfront Park

1 hour ago by Ciara LaVelle
Just when you thought the drawn-out soap opera between the City of Miami and Ultra Music Festival had reached its finale, Commissioner Keon Hardemon is staging an encore. Hardemon has sponsored a resolution to negotiate the return of Ultra to Bayfront Park, its longtime home until this year. The resolution will be discussed at a commission meeting Thursday, June 27.

Sweet Liberty Celebrates John Lermayer Day With Bar Pop-Ups and Music

4 hours ago by Amber Love Bond
This past June 6 marked the first anniversary of the passing of John Lermayer, but Miami can remember the charismatic bartender this weekend with John Lermayer Day.

New Senate Bill Could Eliminate Tax Breaks for Private-Prison Giant GEO Group

4 hours ago by Manuel Madrid
The Trump era has been a gold rush for those in the business of locking up immigrants, none more so than the Boca Raton-based GEO Group. Boasting almost $500 million in contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the private-prison firm has made a pretty penny from the new war on immigrants...

Five Sure Signs You're a Real Miami Sports Fan

5 hours ago by Ryan Yousefi
Miami sports fans are a proud, eclectic, cocky bunch. You know them you see 'em. You could take fans from each team, dress them in plain white shirts, line them up, and nine out of ten times quickly point out the ones who root for the South Florida squads. Local teams' fans emit a unique, shall we say, eau de Miami.

Celebrate Negroni Week in Miami

5 hours ago by Chelsea Olson
The Negroni is one of the world’s greatest cocktails. The Italian libation, made with gin, vermouth, and Campari, is a classic blend of sweet and bitter. It's also one of the few drinks that gets its own week. Imbibe magazine and Campari have dedicated the last week of June to the Negroni for a good cause.

New Miami Beach Gay Bar WaterLoo Aims to Create a Community

5 hours ago by Catherine Toruño
Nightlife in Miami can be tough when it seems like all clubs, bars, and venues only want to make a buck off you. Ahmed Labib and Tony Ferro, business partners and co-owners, decided to open WaterLoo with the goal of offering an inclusive space that's also genuine — reasonably priced drinks, good customer service, and a space meant for locals while keeping a sexy and laid-back aesthetic.

Author Denise Miqueli Collects Popular Cubanisms in the Illustrated Book Pin Pan Pun

5 hours ago by Carolina del Busto
Bistro lights hang low within the dining hall of the Citadel in Little Haiti. At the center of the dimly lit space sits a woman crouched over her iPad doodling some phrases and graphic images to explain them. Amidst the cacophony of voices and dinnerware, Denise Miqueli is in her...

Singer-Songwriter Tebby on Winning the First Episode of Songland

5 hours ago by Suzannah Friscia
Less than a year ago, singer-songwriter Tebby Burrows, known simply as Tebby, had just released her debut single, “Feel Alright.” Born in Miami and raised in the Bahamas, she had recently been introduced by a friend to Grammy-winning producers Cool & Dre (who wound up producing her first single) and...

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Week

5 hours ago by Jesse Scott
Thursday You deserve the best. So go ahead and party with the best. New Times' Best of Miami Party will celebrate your favorite publication's biggest issue of the year. In addition to recognizing this year's Best of Miami honorees, you get unlimited food and drinks from the likes of Los...

Miami's "Blacks for Trump" Guy Returns for Trump's 2020 Campaign Kickoff in Orlando

6 hours ago by Jerry Iannelli
President Donald Trump's first 2020 campaign rally in Orlando last night was little more than a rehash of his 2016 greatest hits. He stood at a lectern and let various English-adjacent sentences tumble from his swollen, bass-like mouth. Various neofascist groups showed up to chant stuff outside, and TV news channels ran wall-to-wall coverage of Trump babbling and saying "fake news" over and over again.

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