Your Dessert is Booze at 72nd Bar & Grill

If you've ever tried to stuff a slice of key lime pie into your martini, then you know it's a bad idea. Inevitably, there's a mess. Your dessert turns to mush. Your drink becomes undrinkable. And everyone goes home unhappy.

Thankfully, the 72nd Bar & Grill (5861 Sunset Dr., Miami) opened up yesterday and they've mastered the magic of turning baked goods into booze. The next time you're bumming around the Shops at Sunset, buying bath crystals, baby clothes, or a sweater for your dog, just stop by the 72nd and order up the Key Lime Pie. It's not dessert. It's not a drink. It's an experiment.

Well, kinda ... It's really just Skyy vodka, a scoop of lemoncello, and some Key West lime juice. And despite being a nice, simple sipper, this pie's pretty pricey at $12. So don't go mall crazy and blow all your pennies on yuppie lifestyle accessories, save a few for the 72nd Bar & Grill's drinkable dessert.

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