Yo Beer Guys Deliver To Your Door and Serve Sunday at United Way

Mike Gonzalez is a self-proclaimed beer geek who's spent most of his spare time -- in his adult life that is -- drinking in everything he can about beer. A business analyst by day, he's a beer peddler at night. His year old business, Yo Beer Guys, is an online beer retailer servicing the Miami-Dade area. The firm is the result of one too many unsuccessful late night beer runs. This entrepreneur saw an opportunity when he came back parched and empty-handed. Who doesn't want a keg or a crate of your favorite hard-to find brewskis delivered right to your door?

Brew & Bites will hold an event Sunday during United Way's Miami Wine & Food Festival. Yo Beer Guys will be on site handing out beer to thirsty revelers. "It's a shout out to a growing beer movement that has hit South Florida with microbrews and brew pubs are popping up faster than you can say -- craft beer," Mike muses.

What is craft beer? The term is often used to describe a beer that is made without rice or corn in small brewpubs or traditional independent breweries. Florida is seeing its' fare share of breweries with The Native Brewing Company, Holy Mackerel and Cigar City Brewing pumping out suds by the gallon.

"In true microbrew fashion, a lot of the Florida beers incorporate citrus style flavors unique to this region," Mike explains.

Sunday's event will feature craft beers and microbrews from around the world. The Yo Beer Guys will be pouring some Dale's Pale Ale, one of Mike's favorites for food pairing. "It's hoppy yet with a smooth clean taste that can be enjoyed with almost anything." So pick up a glass fill it to the rim and keep your other hand free for the bites.

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