Yelpers Tricia and Johanna are Coffee Snobs

Back in June, we were treated to the inner world of that most annoying breed of restaurant-goer -- the Yelper.

In Funny or Die's parody, we're treated to Tricia and Johanna Yelping about everything from the disappointing sunset to their own apartment ('weird smell, cat not attentive").

We couldn't help but think where do these hipster douchettes work or do

they have jobs at all? Funny or Die's given us the answer - they're

coffee snobs.

In this video, we see Tricia and Johanna turning their nose up at

Starbucks ("Do you see homeless people waiting to use the bathroom?"),

and iced coffee ("This bean was shot out of a bat's asshole, so don't

insult that dead bat by making us pour espresso over ice").

Watch Tricia and Johanna diss caramel macchiato drinkers everywhere:

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