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Wynwood Kitchen & Bar exterior

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar: A Closer Look Into the Artistic Eatery

A few days ago, we posted on the

heavily anticipated

November grand opening of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

. Jessica Goldman Srebnick, of

Goldman Properties


the visionaries behind Miami restaurants Joey's and Wish, gave us a sneak peek. This follow up post discusses the genesis of the restaurant that could forever change the artistic mecca/ghetto.

Before the Goldmans took on the property, it was a 5,000 square-foot warehouse on the corner of NW Second Avenue and 36th Street. Goldman Properties has been interested in the potential of

Wynwood for years. "It's a destination we're very

committed to. As neighborhood revivalists, part of our job is to

bring restaurants to communities that, in turn, bring people,"

says Goldman Srebnick. "We did it with Joey's. We're doing it

with Wynwood Kitchen & Bar."

Goldman Properties also developed Soho Kitchen & Bar and Wall Street Kitchen & Bar in New York. For the Wynwood project Jessica Goldman Srebnick invited fifteen artists to contributemurals to the walls of the backside of the warehouse, whose parking lot was grassed over. These will provide the view for those dining on the terrace. The art does not stop there. "We wanted to bring that vibe inside," says Goldman Srebnick.

Painters Shepard Fairey and Christian Awe will see their murals become the focal point of the indoor decor, while an 11-foot tall sculpture of a multi-colored man, by David Benjamin Sherry, is sure to be an incredible conversation piece.

It will open just before Art Basel. "We hope that between us and Joey's, we can create a lot of energy and excitement in the neighborhood. I think we'll be able to do that," says Goldman Srebnick. "Hospitality is important to a neighborhood. When it thrives, it creates jobs. And Wynwood Kitchen & Bar will be creating an exciting environment for Wynwood and downtown."

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
2550 NW Second Avenue, Miami

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